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Monday, May 30, 2005
hols.. woohoo.. not 2:31 PM

i am so freaking bored! went out after teachers day.. tat was kinda fun..watched house of wax.. haha scary movie so much blood.. but the ending was cool. came back nxt morning got fever -_-"..so sien! whole body was heating up and had a killer headache. so went to church and came back HEALED! HALLELUYAH HALLELUYAH! :P

went to church..so many ppl..went home..watch tv till got ntg esle to watch..thank God OC and Lost were on!! saved my life! woke up today.. hot.. bored.. hahaha i noe i complain so much lol.. no la im very very grateful and happy im feeling fine again.. sigh being sick sounds fun but its NOT! anyway heres some pics from teachers day.. enjoy.. LaTeRsSss..

sighs someones missing here.. :(

look!my other family! :P

haha phoebs,rach,me and ham just u noe being vain ;)

Monday, May 23, 2005
Swak Club 9:42 PM

woke up at 9am smtg to let miffy in. too early.. sighs.. was kinda blurry/sleepy. went to eat breakfast wif my pars and miffy. perfect timing cos we went to the shop near 'hidden treasure' and i wanted to get zoe's bday pressie. it was this piece of brown paper titled 'Today's Advices'. below are tons of boxes filled wif advise in them like for example 'treat everyone wif respect' or 'cherish every happy moment'. i tink zoe mite like it :) lets hope so! :D i got joel the same thing only it was titled 'Dont Quit!'. i figured joel had lotsa probs and i just figured this thing hanging on his wall mite help alil :)

went to club. lotsa ppl already there. rach,peg,phoebs were already at the food table doing their project. miffy was sooooooooooooooooo demanding! she kept saying 'i wanna swim! i wanna swim!'.. i felt like a mum :P thanks to everyone esle. they all kept calling me 'big mama'... grrrr! so in the end, ham borrowed their swimming suit to miffy. she even took awhile just getting in the pool!! lol she was shy or smtg cos joel was like staring! lol haha jk

i got alil hungry so phoeb ordered 2 plates of tomato mee.(duh one is for miffy!) quite yummy. so many ppl were there. rach,ham,phoeb,ash,keiths,joel,kim,peg,rad,crystal,cheryl,sharifah and sam i tink tats all of them. lol we all planned to 'do our project' but i tink we spent less than 2% of our time there actually doing some work. joel was playing tennis and i thought he was insane cos it was soooo hot! bball was a bust cos we had no ball! hahaha damn! :P so we just ate and talked and walked around. the media room was kinda cosy. the aircond saved my life! we spend the entire morning eating,walking,sitting and talking. tat got alil boring after awhile ;) then alison came and alex came wif a bball. whoopee!! we all went down to play even thought the weather was reallly really really HOT! less than 10mins of just shooting around, we gave up and alison offered to buy us all drinks. yayy!

a 7up-sprite sounded great at tat time. keith decided to eat something so he ordered my fave!! fito misto! haha i tink tats how u spell it :P its this bread thing tat is sweet on the outside but hot and cheesy on the inside. :) hahah kinda tinking bout it now makes me wanna eat it the nxt time i go to club. yummmy. lol then we went to play bball again but the form5s were playing full court :( so we wen back again to eat again. lol swak club really doesnt haf much to do. lol ate chiews foood :P haha cos he was playing bball mah.. lol feel so bad.. we divided everything in four equal parts lol for me,rad,miffy and alison. hahah so hot! then later i played against alison and miffy cos radhie went to play wif the guys. lol it was sooo hot!

and i felt so fat! lol run for awhile already so tired! :P hahah managed to score afew balls woohooo.. sigh but felt soooo tired. diana came again later and i left wif alisons card member in my pocket! she told me to help her keep and i just forgot it was still there :D haha got scolded by diana in the car for wat being late 2mins! :( sisters! went homeee miffy showed me her web and some stuff then later diana drove her bck cos her guardian was coming quite late to pick her up. wow i felt so sleepy man.. after a good cold shower i was like ready for bed! dropped miffy off and slept in the car. came bck slept for less than an hour on the sofa. woke up for family dinner wif.. family la. :) so much food.. feel so fat now :P hahah k well 'Summerland's gona be on soon so LaTeRsSsss...

Sunday, May 22, 2005
Star Wars 5:07 PM

last nite i skipped church and went to the premier of star wars. sighh we all planned to meet at 3pm but haha in the end only 2ppl showed up. hehe feel so bad..im not one of them.. well diana drove and star was packed! saw many familiar faces.. waited and charged in when they opened the doors. everyone kept pushing from behind.. nearly squashed gwenda :$ lol.. well we managed to get acouple of seats. i was between ham and rad. lol nxt to rad was mic's lil annoying bro. lol so funny kept disturbing rad the whole nite. lol rad wont be a good dad nxt time. lol keep scolding him lol so retarded. me and ham kept on laughing the whole time. the movie wasnt suppose to be funny but ham kept stuffing the popcorn down her shirt. so funny.. make me laugh so loud.. so scared the ppl around us scold lol :P

well ok so like halfway throught the movie, miffy smsed me saying shes bored and at some boring dinner. so trying to block my hp light, we just talked awhile then she told me she was coming! and there were no seats left! so wtvr la then later she arrived and i had to squeeze through to get out. lol i fell so many times and sat on joeys leg lol and squashed someones foot! sry whoever u r! haah we ran around and when we got in the cinema we couldnt find any seats! there were afew empty ones but i was sure someone was sitting there. so in the end, boh pian go sit nxt to diana choo. eeek! first time talk to her arr. she said 'the ppl are coming back later like towards the end of the movie' so miffy and i were like ok la haah but everytime someone opened the door, we both panicked alil incase was the ppl mah

haha in the end, they showed up too early! we quickly got off and sat on the steps. ahaha we were totally embarrassed! miffy hid her face and kept laughing so loud! the ppl around kept looking at us so i told her to shuddup! lol i was laughing also la.. so paiseh!!! in the end we ran out AGAIN and decided wat to do. i suggested the arcade but then i tink again waste money nia the ticket so miffy feel bad la cos she din buy ticket but i did so.. we saw farah n anisa outside too so we talked to them. ahahha anisa! havent seen her since my bday party.. lol she gave me a big hug! :').. haha too much love man :P hahah they said there were plenty of empty seats in hall 4 so we went in there to watch.. not long later! miffys guardian called and was downstairs already. so for the dunoe-how-many-times-already we got up and i followed her downstairs. ahahah tink she felt bad cos i missed most of the movie haah kept saying 'sorry sorry'. lol nvm la.. if she din come i tink i would haf gotten bored of the movie anyways.. 3hours man!! crazy!

went back upstairs.. squeezed through to my seat. damn embarrassing cos hit alot of ppl including stepped on many ppl. heheh sat on joey again.. stepped on hams toes.. lol funny but embarrassing. less than 10mins after i sat down.. 'DUM DUM DUM..-THE END-'.... -_-" hahahah! :P fun nite but tiring la! went to blings afterwards.. surprised no lodgians there. yummy mango drink.. yummy! fell asleep in the car.. immediately went to sleep after.. so tired! whew.. star wars.. not really my fave movie.. :D LaTeRsSsss...

Friday, May 20, 2005
A breakthrough 5:39 PM

haahahhaahhahahaahahhahahaha.... im soooo happpy today.. u wanna noe why? :P hahahah ok wait wait well.. as u all noe.. my sejarah grade is always dropping and my highest ever for sejarah was 70% in some class test.. but today.. tats changed! i got a 96%!!!! i got 24/25 questons right!! wooohoooo!!!! hahah i had a good feeling when mrwong walked in the room but i din wan to get myself too happy incase my feelings were wrong. first he said out 'Noor Saara.. Sandra Ngu! Well done!'... wah.. i was like sooo happy.. noor and i got the highest mark in class. wow i was tied to noor! the smartest girl since like forever! :O hahah so pleased!! i beated so many smart ppl! ppl who always beated me in so many subjects! mwahaaha!

haha jk jk it was just a nice feeling. i felt tat i could get good marks for this particular chapter bcos it just kind of interested me. it was just some stuff bout swak and how James Brooke arrived and stuff. heeh anyway we played 'captains ball' again today. hope they never finish the watever thing they are building at the football field! :P i tink its a outdoor bball court and a tennis court.. not quite sure. anyway my team lost again! eeek! hahaha nvm la :P

heheh the guys had their 'talk' tis afternoon after the geo test. btw geo was alrite alrite la.. but i dun haf any good feelings bout it :) ok so the guys were like pretty psyched and pumped bout this 'sex talk' thing tat mrlee is making compulsory to males/females. ever since 7 couples got caught or smtg..mrlee tinks its time we knew wat we were doing. so the guys turn was today the girls would be nxt wednesday i tink. heeh so later on they came back all grossed out and some were actually quite worried. the professor guy showed them all this gruesome but realistic pics of like males/females private parts and the diseases and the of cos results! hahaha rad said the girls one looked so rotten and had black stuff growing around it. hahah kinda funny but the guys took it quite seriously!

like Frederick.. the prof's words were alil jumbled up so his explanation wasnt rite. he said sweat could cause HIV or smtg. touching as well or some crap like tat so fred came bck and jumped at every feminie contact tat touched him. he looked really scared. i dunoe wat the heck some of them were saying but it was surely bout diseases tat were dangerous and stuff but MissSu later explained properly tat some of them wouldnt kill us and were common! like the sweat thing wasnt true at all.

it was pretty freaky cos like MissSu was talking to us bout sex and stuff. not the cheeky stuff or anything just a very logical and normal explanation. she said guys generally (not all guys!) when they want sex they get sex but for girls they tend to make it romance or smtg. we spend nearly the entire period talking bout tis. she was trying her best to clear things up so there wouldnt be confusion. so after the whole talk, we just resumed bck to Tom Sawyer where Tim and Joel did a great roleplay :D kinda funny and strangely the chapter we were discussing was bout romance where Joel i mean Tom kissed Tim i mean Becky. lol funnny :) oh well im tired so LaTeRsSsss...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Are women the weaker sex? HELL NO! 10:53 PM

haha wow i havent blogged for awhile eh? hmm well today we had the english oral test thingy which we were suppose to partner somebody and discuss any topic. i partnered wif phoebs cos every project we partner each other so tis is no different. it was pretty normal.. we had acouple of days to prepare and stuff. so like the first few ones were alrite i guess. they were pretty nervous esp joey and clement. joey couldnt even face the class properly lol ~boys~! hahah anyway peggys one wif steph was pretty funny. peggy has a really loud voice! lol she just said out really loud the whole thing.

so after theirs was phoebs and me turn so we went. phoeb said the intros and stuff then we just started debating infront of everyone just like normal. btw our topic was 'Are Women The Weaker Sex?'. phoeb, the traitor hehe jk was siding the men whereas i was wif the women! duh GIRL POWER! ahah ok all i remember is we started casually but ended wif the class in laughter :) the best thing is to haf ppl laugh at something u do cos it just makes the whole thing fun to do in the end. i ended up having a great time infront of everyone wif phoebs. here are some things we said and 'some' errors i said :$ gimme a break! i said everything from tat exact moment.. had so little time to even tink! phoeb just kept on talking! eeeks! cant let the men win!!!

phoebs : do u see women in fire departments? NO! all of them are men becos women are
too afraid! and the presidents! like for example america! all men!

sandra : women are too busy at home trying to raise good citizens to become......GOOD CITIZENS! the president is useless now tat all the citizens are good! ..... (understand i got alil loss of words tat i repeated 3times)

another argument....

phoebs : look at the famous men like Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein! without them we would still be living in the darker times!

sandra : oh yaeh?! how bout Cleopatra?!?! she was so great tat she even managed to manipulate her husband Julius Caesar and eventually ended up ruling................

(so i started tinking bout 'Rome' and 'Egypt'.. true cleo was from egypt but she married julius who is from rome so i was tinking which one? hahah so i just said...)

.... THE COUNTRY! (note: the whole class started laughing cos they too knew i was confused/lost)

another argument later....

Miss Su : women are more busy than men. taking care of the babies and their beauty and stuff so they obviously dun haf much time running a country so tats y they are rarely any presidents and in some countries the goverment wont allow women to be presidents. so we should look at both sides of it.

phoebs : *speechless* *not sure wat to say next*

sandra : Exactly! exactly! tats rite! exactly! *extremely grateful by the rescue*

hahahahaha..at the end of the whole 'discussion'.. everyone clapped and laughed. i felt really comfortable infront of everyone now.. probably thanks to joseph :) it was a nice feeling to see everyone laughing and knowing tat they enjoyed our discussion. but the best part was at the end when Miss Su said aloud 'Phoebe and Sandra, straight As!' woohoo!!! :P k well i got a sejarah test tomolo and a geo one on friday so better study! hahah thanks for reading and haf a nice day! :P LaTeRsSsss...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Gospel Of John 5:50 PM

hahaha i took marisa to the friday nite youth last week.. haha it was soo much better to haf there wif me. miffys always surrounded by her mob of friends so i felt so happy tat marisa was there wif me :) hahaha but i dun tink she was as thrilled as i was.. she looked uneasy. hahah anyway she was so shy and everytime i looked at her i just had this enormouse smile on my face. lol hahah shes so funny :) well we sang and worshipped till later on where there was this rearrangement of groups and im finally in a group :P hahah i noe so sakai :P hahaha well anyway marisa n charleys in my group! yayy! but too bad miffys not :( .. wah my group members are so friendly! they all kept asking for my name n constantly exchanged smiles. my leader is siew qiong.. cant really pronounce properly.. well anyway we talked for awhile then left.

then on sunday i woke up at 10am but my auntie still wasnt here so i had time to get dressed and stuff. she arrived at 10.30am then we went to the kopitiam to eat breakfast. hmm i was kinda nervous bcos i wasnt sure whether i was gona give my testimony or not. my pastor said sundays time would be very limited so tat wasnt exactly a yes or no but i got ready for it anyway. after worshipping i purposely asked my auntie to sit at the back cos i was afraid to sit infront. then much later miffy walked in wif her fellow church friend. i was so surprised cos usually shes earlier than me! anyway after church i asked her and she told me she went to the first service (i got 2nd)... then i asked her whether she was goin to the movie thing tat was showing at my church tonite at 6pm. she said yes but i was still not sure whether i was goin for i had a family dinner.

after 'negotiating' wif miffy i in the end went. found quite alot of ppl there alraedy and the movie already started. i scanned the dark floor and found a familiar bright blue shorts. sat down bside her and she just dropped her head on my right arm. i figured she was tired or smtg but when i started feeling drips of water falling on my hand i looked at her and she was crying! i was kinda :S then she told me pastor had just scolded her very loudly infront of everyone afew mins before i arrived. i was kinda sad cos like she was crying and then when she told me bout it i listened making me miss out the few parts of the movie called 'Gospel of John'. i was kinda shocked when she said pastor shouted at her infront of everyone. i always thought he was... was.. well nicer than tat.

i felt kinda helpless as she cried and wiped her face on my shirt!! hahah yea my shirt! but i din really bother bout tat at the time. i tried comforting her and she thank God stopped crying after awhile and resumed to her normal crazy self. i tried focusing on the movie cos it was important and at the same time try to cheer miffy up. she kept leaning on me like i was a pillow or smtg and bsides tat she was a fussy one! she kept shifting her head here and there including my legs here and there. either way she finally stopped moving and watched the movie. din take long for her to get restless again. anway when it was 9pm we started praying and worshipping God. it was kinda nice cos like it felt like one of those sunday mornings only it was at nite! :) and not to mention i nearly lost my voice after all tat singing and praying. i din bring any water!! :( well i finally left at 12am! haha my mum and my auntie were waiting for me and i felt so paiseh for making them wait so long. they arrived at like 11.30pm? anyway boy was i tired after tat.. tink i slept like a pig.. lol LaTeRsSsss...