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Sunday, June 26, 2005
hehe mixture of fun,lame,stupid,dumb and did i mention extremely high? 10:52 PM

hahahahahahah stupid nite last nite.. wen to the rotary dinner thingy.. btw i still haf no idea wat the whole dinner was bout.. :S lol yea so alena,joel n rads were there already pinning corsages on strangers.. lol sounds like fun eh?? :P it was ok i guess.. just tat i jabbed myself 2times :'(.. lol some ppl their clothes is SO THICK! its so annoying jsut trying to pin it on! joel was holding the basket for donations.. haha tats an embarrassing job.. so paiseh go ask ppl for money.. i mean DONATIONS lol..

overall it was pretty fun.. we sat down.. and i just realised joel is the lamest person i noe.. haha and i tink someone drugged the mango juice or smtg cos we all wen high! literally.. just kept on laughing at the same joke for like 2-3mins.. lol alena is amazing talented in fake laughing.. she laughed at everything joel said.. lol.. kinda weird.. hmm?? ;) hahah jkk.. there was this one girl joel said wen laughed her nose expanded bigger than rads(;)) and her eyes wen really small.. lol some st3s were sitting at our table and the teacher kept on eavesdropping on our conversation.. kinda creepy.. rad.. rad is so charming.. haha and joel was like so jealous of all the attention rad was getting.. then they both starting arguing.. lol kinda stupid arguement.. sheesh.. boys.. r boys.. sighs! anyways it was kinda fun.. hardly felt like we spent 4hrs there.. later everyone left.. sighs..

haha joel was following me bck cos his dad was busy or smtg and we just kept on laughing and laughing outside the restaurant.. lol i nearly piss in my pants.. lol joel was so annoying! he tried acting like a really really REALLY sad rapper.. and he realy sucked... hahah so funny.. messed around wif the menus.. then drove homeee! so tired.. fell rite asleep after. :)hmmm just got bck from church.. soo fun.. we sang and ate.. cynthia was my buddy the whole nite.. charley was high i tink.. she kept on laughing.. lol gilaa.. miffy was so mean! she scratched my arms till they were bleeding alil.. so bad! :'( dunoe y she always so bad to me.. :'( LaTeRsSsss...

several of the lame moments we shared..
(talking bout why alena chose Art-Side)
joel: wat u wana be wen u're older?
alena: i wana grow up to be hot..
(followed by laughter)
sandra: u wan to grow up to be a wat?! a DOG?! (the music was too old.. couldnt hear wat she said :P)
dunoe y but tat just funny to them so they all laughed at me.. :(

joel: eh guys look.. the girl opposite me.. her nose expands raelly big wen she laughs.. and her eyes goe sooo tiny..
rad&sandra: yea rite.. (observe) olly! it really does!
hahaha stupiak.. olly form4s newest most used word
so we created our won.. DOGGIE.. haha so lame i noe..

sandra: eh eh the teacher is listening la.. shuddup joel!
alena: lets give her a nickname.. ANNIE!
joel: how bout SANDRA?!
rad: i noe i noe.. DONNA!
alena: donna..?
joel explain..
sandras annoyed... again..

alena: eh go pin the corsage on tat lady.. shes waiting for someone i tink
rad: hello miss.. would u like a corsage?
lady: yea sure.. and its madam
rad: oh im sry.. i called it miss cos u look so young
lady: thank u thank u

Friday, June 24, 2005
busy busy busy.. 11:44 PM

hahah busy busy busy.. lol exams r just nxt week!! eeeks! hmm been kinda busy lately.. wow i had a great weekend last week... friday nite i wen to youth nite which was pretty cool.. hmm saturday morning for the first time wen to cikguwongs tuition.. even changed my days to saturdays for now onwards cos can go out rite after.. haha cikguwongs place is somewhere near town. heheh rach n ham changed too so like whoopee!! haha sooo many ppl la.. then cikguwong PMS again.. dunoe y she so grumpy.. yuck man! i sat closest to the board so wen she was teaching i could actually feel her saliva raining on me.. frigging gross!

anywayys we went out later to pick up Joel then off to hams place. rach din go tho.. she was busy or smtg. hmm we hung out at hams place for abit then drove to coffeebean. wahliew radhie sucks man! hahha jk buddy.. we waited like 3hrs for him but i guess he had his reasons so its cool.. gave us alot of time to just talk bout everything.. life.. etc. ham and joel were pretty cool.. we just sat there for a long time just talking and talking.. sighh tat was fun :) we intended to watch 'batman begins' but we din wana go in yet cos rad still wasnt there.. sighs so in the end we walked to star cos the cacat lady on the phone said the movie was starting at blah blah.. but turned out WRONG! grrr.. called val n marisa... then rad arrived wif his bro n wafie.. hmm

haha we made hams dream come true! hahah we sat on the stupiak sampan.. so expensive la!! RM1.00!! then later wen we came bck on 20cents!! haha rusydie was rite bout speaking in BM so dun seem like orang sakai or tourist.. haha quite fun but hot! aduh i saw marisas foot today for the first time.. some stupiak foot doc burnt her heel by accident or he was just plain stupid or smtg hahaha but marisa din feel ANYTHING! HAHAh so weird.. so like it was all red and yellow and black.. eeeyyee creeepy! lol then we went round tun jugah then left la. so tired la rite after tat i go to church again.. feel so sleepy and itchy cos walk the whole day! :)

sunday morning came.. breakfast.. church.. oh yea my pars werent here so my cousin came over and took us everywhere even tho now diana could drive :) haha but its ok la.. wtvr.. 2 drivers are better than 1.. hahah jk!! lol so fast the weekend ended.. then monday morning! and now is already friday nite! the end of another busy weekday.. sighs.. oh yea tat nite was sooo fun.. i wen to some church persons house for the singing practice thing.. haha so fun :) cynthia and charlene were there too.. hehe so happy.. cynthias so funny and fun :P miffy called marvin.. muffin.. lol so funny couldnt understand a thing she was saying.. '..muffin muffin..' heeh then sing and eat some bubur thingy.. quite nice and to tink i had 2nd thoughts bout goin.. and i was so late! 1hr late! i was at hams house watching some funny movie.. 'u dumb water-drinker.. stupid barbeque-lover' hahahaha damn funny.. miss su asked us to put some photos in a cd for the skool mag but all the pics only had US in them so ahah only our pics will be in the mag.. AHAHAHA coool :P oh and the pics from the magazines came today.. got my class.. bball.. and CHEERLEADING! hahahahah i noe!! hehehe wait wait i was in the cheerleading photo bcos i just wanted to be in the photo! hahah rad was in too! the ppl were alil desperate cos not enough ppl to carry the ppl.. lol so i had to carry some thin looking but really heavy girl.. nvr judge a book by its cover ;).. wahliew she kept laughing again.. keep vibrating.. so annoying and shes kinda smelly.. lol i noe its mean but still.. YUCK MAN! so heavy.. lol i felt so big cos i kept tumbling around.. haha damn funny.. and fun but at least the pics came out not bad..

everyone kept laughing at me cos my whole face wen red and my hair was messed up completely wen we were practising.. lol but it was worth it.. can look bck one day and say 'i was a cheerleader'.. hahah sort of ;) tonite was youth nite again and pastor was onstage again(normally he doesnt attend youth nites).. he kept talking bout if the world was to end one day.. would we be saved? tat got me tinking.. would we? he said we must haf faith and truly believe.. so i sat there tinking.. do i haf faith? do i truly believe? will my name be reserved in heaven? well lets hope so.. i haf faith :) very thankful.. to tink i nearly gave up on christ.. hmm happy to be given a 2nd chance.. thanks.. :P.. hahah well LaTeRsSsss...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005
first day of skool.. 6:35 PM

hahaha yaaay.. skools bck! :P crap i sound like such a dork.. haha anyway i love skool! :P i mean i love it now la. cos form 2 but wen form 3-5.. -_-" hahah i guess. anyways it was cool to see everyone again.. wah nobody change at all.. :O .... hahha only ham.. she straightened her 'Shaggy-Wannabe-Hair' to a really straight one la.. haha so weird.. not used to seeing her like tat.. haha oh well :P

crap one thing i really dislike is getting up so early in the morning for skool.. but besides tat its all good :) hahah hmmm damn lot of tests coming up la.. i got like a C i tink for my science test.. just got it bck today :( ... haha but i dunoe y i dun really give a damn bout it.. just look for awhile then 'oh ok' hahah :D ... hmm got science test AGAIN on friday.. hmm better study.. kinda sick of everyone beating me.. sighs.. so watch out ppl.. :P haha jk jk

during art.. (btw art rocks :P) cikgu chai ask us to do some origami paper thingy.. no idea y.. to make some pineapple shaped thingy.. ahah anyway hams,rad,rach,phoebs and myself were sitting together in a group laughing at everything.. well actually only ham and i were laughing.. :P rach and phoebs so hardworking arr.. keep doing so serious like tat.. rad too.. SURPRISINGLY! :O hahah jk.. anyway i was helping by cutting the papers to small pieces.. using hams RUSTY penknife.. without looking at wat i was doing cos too busy talking to ham.. i accidentally cut my own thumb.. lol!

talk bout being careless.. wah the blood keep pouring out.. rach was the first to react.. lol ham.. as usual kept laughing -_-".. as usual.. rad is my hero! .. and nurse.. haha he was so kind and helpful. sort of. :P i wen to the sink and spilled abit.. hehe on the sink.. hehe.. and they kept on laughing at me.. no one bother to help me bandange my thumb.. so kind uh? my fds again.. wah.. :P hehe jk anyways i freaked when rads told me the blade was rusty.. hehe so dr.farzana and dr.tan took me down to the office for 'dentol'.. dunoe wat is tat some kind of soap or smtg i tink.. anways wah the sick bay so comfortable! the bed so nicee.. lol sakai ;).. the pro dr.farzana decided to take an early break as she was needed in the bathroom.. so she LEFT me.. yes she LEFT ME in my CRUCIAL TIME OF NEED! hahahh nahh just talking rubbish here but it was kinda fun :)

then just now eating out wif my pars.. halfway drinking my 'teh ci peng'.. the whole glass just explode! :O.. i was inshock hahah.. din even both moving away when the whole drink spilled on my uniform.. haha look quite funny.. haahah so happppppy.. even tho rach & ham did a rather hideous job on the bandage.. it showed they care.. very little! ;P hahahahah anyways gotta go study.. lol yea as if.. just trying to sound hardworking ;P :) LaTeRsSsss...

Thursday, June 09, 2005
kuching.. the city tat always sleeps 11:57 PM

went to church last nite.. pretty fun.. the leader was so funny.. he kept doing funny impressions bout the song we were singing for the singing competition in my church.. hahah its in june or july i tink.. nvr could understand exactly wat everyone was saying.. speaking in chinese and all but good to say i tink my chinese is improving.. :P hahah we sang the song over and over again for 3hrs! but u would tink it got boring.. time sort of just flew by.. church.. hmm be better if i had a fd to go wif.. sighs still trying to fit in.. not as easy as u would tink.. :(

anyway went out today wif diana's fds.. intended to watch Mr&Mrs Smith but due to star's excellent service the movie was cancelled.. :| how disappointing.. was really looking forward to MMS.. the advertisement looked cool :) .. we waited in the cinema for like half an hour only then the ppl had the sense to come in and tell everyone the movie was cancelled.so annoying.. some guy behind me stood up and started complaining loudly at the woman. some others joined in so guess he wasnt the only impatient one. lol stupid man.. cant tell us earlier.. make us sit there and wait and wait.. so anyway walked around tun jugah but there wasnt anything to do there either. kch seriously need some upgrading.. sighs.. wat i give if there were like some amusement parks or smtg here.. :P haha proper amusement parks! not the ones tat looked extremely fragile and scary like if u sat on it.. the whole thing would collapse or smtg

nahh at least we haf some entertainment... :) lalalalalaaa im bored.. hmmmmm.. skools starting soon.. wonder if anyones changed.. i noe its just 2 weeks but it seemed like 2 months since i last saw everyone.. miss the noise in class.. miss the ppl in class.. surprisingly i miss the teachers as well.. hahah damn sad lol i noe.. miss the quietness when everyones studying.. miss the atmosphere.. hahahah wats wrong wif me?!! 'The best times of a persons life is when they're in skool'.. my cousin told me tat once after a stressful day of work. hmmm got me tinking she was rite so guess i should make most of my time in skool while im still in skool.. :D hahahah proud to be a lodgian.. LaTeRsSsss...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005
i need u guys... im dying wifout u ppl 1:45 AM

... i feel so.. lonely rite now.. miffys acting weird.. we dun talk tat much or hang out as often cos.. i dunoe.. sighs.. and they said relationships were complicated... -_-".. i cant even figure out friendships! tried calling ham today.. shes still in singapore i guess cos her hp is out.. she wrote me a testi today.. :) talking bout rubbish :P.. glad she hasnt forgotten me.. felt like forever since we last hung out.. rad invited me to rafies bday party but.. i haf some wedding dinner thing to go to. it was terrible.. i mean besides being completely bored out of my mind..

i dunoe i just suddenly missed ham, joel,miffy, marisa and rad so much.. i just started tinking bout them and the stuff we did.. lol good times.. fun times.. wont forget them.. now.. joels still in NZ.. rads busy wif his life.. miffys.. i dunoe wats wrong.. one minute we're talking fine nxt.. she just leaves me alone..oh well.. :(.. anyway marisas in indonesia.. havent talked to her for quite long

i mean we're still tight but i guess shes busy or smtg cos we dun talk as often.. hmm miss all of them like hell.. just wished we could go bck and just hang out altogether like we used to.. are we changing? cos i really hate it if we are.. without my fds.. i dunoe.. im just empty.. just tis nearly past 2weeks i felt so bored.. lonely.. cant call anyone.. everyones away or too busy.. :'(.. im just glad skools starting again.. really glad.. i just hope things will go back to normal once the hols are over..

i miss my fds.. where are u guys? i need yall.. LaTeRsSsss...

Friday, June 03, 2005
the hols suck if u got ntg to do :) 11:26 PM

heyyy... hahah frigging bored.. lol bet everyones like tat anyway.. at least i haf afew stuff to look forward to.. hmm like going to church during the weekends.. hmm wat esle? oh yea maybe heading down to damai nxt week wif hams crazy family.. hahah yea tat'll be great i can tell.. tat is my mum actually allows me to go.. :( .. the last time i went out wif ham.. i came back wif a fever -_-"... lol so yea u get the picture.. nah to be honest tats just an excuse for my mum.. she doesnt like me going out at all.. then again are there any parents tat enjoy their kids goin out when instead they could be hitting the books?

im very very lucky and thankful cos my pars let me out wif my fds who btw at tat time were all guys.. to watch movies and stuff when i was just 12yrs i tink.. if i was my mum i wouldnt let me out but i was soo stubborn tat when now tat i tink bout it.. i could haf just kicked myself for being so damn rebellious. my pars... my poor pars.. sigh they've done so much for me.. how do i repay them? i show up wif a sulky annoying face.. grr.. now i really feel like punching myself... stupid me..

hmm nowadays im trying to be good again.. hehe but i still occassionally go out wif my fds.. ;) hahah theres no possible way i can stand being home the entire hols wif ntg to do... i mean come on!! tats just pure torture! :P thank God i haf such nice pars.. sometimes i tink they spoil me alil but i always remember to behave and appreciate them so i dun let it all go to my head. my pars rock! hahah ok ermm anyway moving on.. just came bck from church.. wah.. i've been there from the beginning of the year and i just started to make some fds.. other than miffy of cos.. my leader siew chin i tink.. is pretty cool and friendly.. hahah then theres this other guy aaron i tink.. he was in my bm tuition in pri6 but i tink he forgot.. oh well.. church is pretty fun ya noe? :D its just u can get alil lonely sometimes.. so its best if u go wif a buddy.. diana was my buddy for tonite. usually she doesnt go on friday nites but tonite her tuition was postphoned so lucky me :)

i kinda dread friday nites bcos i noe im just gona be alone.. i hate being alone.. honestly its the worst feeling ever in the world so everyone dun ever be alone! dun be a loner! its just not fun watsoever.. its terribly boring and just DULL! my church ppl are actually very friendly but sometimes i dun really make any attempts to make friends cos of my shyness and all.. but if u try alil they can be quite accepting :) some of them are really friendly too.. hahah but word of advise.. better to learn chinese first hahah cos lots of them do! i feel like a retard or smtg cos im chinese but i cant speak it! but hey HEY im learning alrite?!!?!? :P

well alil but u noe baby steps man.. :) hahah i can speak alil now and i understand better compared to last time.. now i can roughly understand wat the speaker is talking bout sometimes but other times its all a blur to me :|.. lol sigh hafta get a translater la.. hmm oh well.. happy gawai.. :) LaTeRsSsss...