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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
exams..exams.. kerja khusus-s.. sighs 9:17 PM

sighs.. its like March olredi.. 3months haf passed.. typical. its the nite before the hardest examinations and im blogging. hahah cool. sighs.. sej n geo tomolo. kinda good tat both are on the same day. get rid of the stress at once but sucks tat two of my worst subjects. hehehe geo is a mystery to me. i dun get it. i mean geography should be easy but the exam papers.. its just :S..

hehe sej is just memorising n remembering the dates n names of all the tokohs etc. a nitemare for every lazy student of cos. today was moral. wow i memorised the stupid nilai-s so many times i got so irritated i just wanted to throw them away but i din.. :P instead as usual i forgot the minor important details.. for my kerajinan. i wrote 'Usaha yang berterusan penuh dengan semangat ketekunan, kecekalan, kegigihan, dedikasi dan berdaya maju dalam melakukan sesuatu..' suppose to be a 'perkara' at the end but i cancelled mine cos i thought it was wrong. Genius no?

sighs.. im such an idiot! smtg so simple i made a mistake. sighs.. hope it doesnt happen again. danny kueh says we hafta get an average of 80 i tink to be acceptable for PMR. below 60 is a no hope so yea.. pressure's on. hehehe really hope i get 80! sighs better go try get my 80. cya LaTeRsSsss...