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Monday, December 31, 2007
happy new yeaar 8:33 PM

30 more mins...

2 more secs...

1 more sec...



I spent my new year eve driving around with my cousins. lol it was raining cats and dogs. Not a good sign. lol anyway we ended up back at my house. sighs goodbye 2007. Helloo 2008! I really want to go experience new year in New York someday or Sydney at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Unlike Kuching, the people there really celebrate it.

The New York New Year Ball

Sighs even the pig is having more fun than I am.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Teacher : Ms. Hon
Date : 4th January 2008
Day : Friday
Time : 7pm to 9pm
Venue : 3882 Lorong Stapok 22

Messenger : Sexy Sandra
Her response : Celakaaa SPM STARTING!! =(

Saturday, December 29, 2007
PASSED!!!!! 11:17 AM

oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah baby!!!!!!!!
haiya for those going 'so what?', SHUDDUP!!!!
hehe i was so terrified of failing and wasting my precious rm30
lol okay now i sound like a cheapo -_-
but whateveeeeeer!!!
i got 45/50 btw. not very high
OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH BABEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Friday, December 28, 2007
The World Project 3:02 PM

The people who built the Palm Islands in Dubai are doing it again! Their latest project is to create islands shaped like the continents in the world. Pretty wild eh? This project costed $18 billion dollars. The only means of transportation between the islands will be by marine transport, of course. Lol my cousin said why not just use the money to help poor countries instead of building new ones? lol quite true. I just happened to catch this on one of the episodes in Megastructures. Check it out.

The $18 billion dollar project. 'The World'.

For those who didn't know, this is the Palm Islands in Dubai.

A close up.

A closer up. That looks like a great place to live, eh? That is if a tsunami doesn't happen or something.

Even some celebs have already invested or either bought their own piece of island. Celebs like David Beckham, Rod Stewart, Michael Jackson, Michael Schumacher.

Hmm.. To families looking for a place to live, look no further! If you think you need some exercise, just swim over to David's football arena/island and he'll give you a few lessons. But if you're not into football, no biggie. Just drive over (by boat, of course) to Rod's island. He'll play you a few of his top hits if you ask nicely. Now if you have kids, there's an easy solution for that too. Just send them over to Michael Jackson's Daddy Daycare Centre/ Theme Park/ Island. I assure you, the kids will return with loads of reviews. Okay so let's say maybe you're a bachelor with an interest in speed. Just head on over to Michael Schumacher's very own custom-maded Formula 1 Circuit/ Island. Hey, The World is starting to sound like a great neighbourhood already!!

Islands that are still available.

Dubai has changed dramatically from what it used to be which was a sandy dusty desert to a booming developing country. Sighs now I feel like going to Dubai =( major props to the engineers in Dubai. The whole of Dubai looks frigging fantastic and unique from the sky.

The comparison.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007
random 11:17 PM

dad : Sandy, can you on the garden lights?

me : Oh okay.

mum : *blur voice* Why you call her 'Sandy'?

M&D start arguing.

dad : Sandra is Sandy, what..

me : -_-"

mum : No, she's Sandra.

me : -_-"

dad : Sandy is Sandra! Like James is Jimmy lah.

me : -_-"

mum : *confused*

me : *drowned in my own sweat* -_-"

more news frm RED 10:33 AM

Celebs supporting product (RED) =)

you will see a huge poster of Chris Rock everytime you enter a GAP store. lol

Jennifer Garner doing her part. Hot pic though

John Legend with a bunch of African tribe kids

Dixie Chick's own posing with her kids. the only thing i don't quite understand is why they're topless. hmm probably trying to send somekind of message.

I absolutely LOVE Anna Hathaway and her movies. I just love all her movies even though they're mostly kind of childish but I think she's great, beautiful, hilarious and totally kicked arse in 'Devil Wears Prada'. Btw judging from this pic, she can totally model too! =D

Little Miss Sunshine looking awesome in this pic with her teddy. (Btw saw the movie, I don't get it. It's so like unsuitable to little kids bcos of the swearing.. don't think it's a good movie.)

I think his son looks so hot.. I mean of course when he gets older. His son is so cute. haha if only he was older.. sighs if only. Cute family, don't you think?

Not sure who this guy is but hey! His daughter is adorable.

The people behind the magic. You know, I kind of wished I had this posters in my room. They're really inspiring. Esp the anne hathaway one, cause I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!! =D

Monday, December 24, 2007



Sunday, December 23, 2007
mysterious I wish were solved 7:58 PM

few random things i want to do when i'm older :

a) Go on an expedition to find the truth about Big Foot/Yaiti.

Two men who were supposedly recording background footage of the forest, claimed to see an unidentified person or creature walking across the river bank. This is a picture taken from their blur video.

This is a close-up. according to a scientist from some big shot university, bigfoot is a sort of ape. and the thing about apes are, when they turn to look at something, their shoulders go up and move wif their head in that direction. humans jst hafta turn their neck. so in this pic, its evident that its a fake.

b) find out if the unidentificed object on the mountains of Turkey is infact, supposedly the Noah's Ark. (*interesting fact*- According to scientists, they say it would have taken Noah and his sons 81 years to actually finish building the Ark as described in the Bible.)

It is quite convincing don't you think? According to the Bible, the ark is located on the mountains of Ararat. This picture was taken on a Ararat Mountain. Hmm, interesting.

Here's another photo. Pretty cool, uh?

Here's a replica of what the Ark would have looked like.


c) find out what exactly is the Bermuda Triangle all about.

Bermuda Triangle's location.

Was it gigantic waves that caused all those airplanes and ships to mysteriously vanish?

Or was it because of alien involvement?

Or some kind of paranomal mystical higher power caused all this?

OR was it due to some kind of sea creature lurking in the waters of the ocean bed? Haha this pic is kinda funny.

d) find the truth about the Lochness Monster.

This is the first picture to be ever taken of the so-called Lochness Monster. Btw, a surgeon took this photo and admitted that it was just a way to generate some quick cash. The figure above was just something placed ontop of a small toy boat. He never thought the whole story would be blown out of proportion like the way it already has.

A logical explanation to the photo above. lol but not really because, how the heck can an elephant be swimming in a lake? haha

What the creature might look like.

e) find out about Atlantis, fact or fiction? *interesting fact* Atlantis came from Egypt. Story passed on to Plato who wrote about Atlantis in his book 'Dialogues'. People say Plato's story of Atlantis is like the blockbuster movie, Star Wars because the Atlantisans were highly sophiscated in technology.

The supposed location.

f) visit and find out where those Moai Giant Stones came from.

g) find out if the tale of King Arthur was real


Supposedly where Camelot used to be.

I don't get it. I googled 'King Arthur Discovery' but then this came out. -_-"

haha i know, im such a geek. i love watching the discovery channel when stuff like this comes on. 'like this one time, in band camp'.. hahah seriously though lyk this one time, i was watching archaelogists trying to find any physical evidence that King Arthur and Camelot really existed. that it just wasn't a story parents told their kids and stuff. the closest they got was a king called king bear or something lyk tat. interesting stuff!! =P

Thursday, December 20, 2007
evidence of mark feehily's coming out of the closet 2:36 PM

and the best looking men award in the 18-30years old category is... MARK FEEHILY!!! aka the guy from Westlife. sighs for people who didn't believe he was gay, HE IS!!! This especially goes out to Evone, Rach and everyone esle who didn't believe me that day at Rach's house! HA! He is, the guy even admitted it okay? Besides, I have pictures to prove it. His boyfriend's name is Kevin McDaid. HA! to Evone again. First of all, I would just like to say how sad I am that he's not straight. I mean, I speak for the female population when I say, we have suffered a tremendous loss. Sorry ladies, but he's off the market. Sighs. You can check out who esle made the cut for the 'best looking people on the planet' award here

This is Mark Feehily. He has the most penetrating blue eyes I've ever seen. He's so cute =(

Okay, so the guy in the other picture is none other than his partner, Kevin McDaid. I think he could do better though.

The happy couple =(

Okay, this picture kind of freaked me out alittle. Girls kissing girls for guys is like a major turn on but vice versa? It just freaks us out. FYI =)

Sighs, I still like Westlife though.