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Monday, November 29, 2004
Alexander the great is gay! 11:30 PM

Today was rehearsal again for the Joseph & The Amazing Techicoloured Coat. I went wif my sis late...hehe I felt so bad when i came in because Mr.McBean(is tat rite?) was half-way talking....I felt terrible when I saw the look on his face.Then we started singing and stuff...it was kinda fun...the lyrics were great and interesting...altho Im just in the chorus I still tink its cool....Joel's one of the bros...no idea how from being the fat guy to being a bro...anyway after the whole rehearsal i saw him talking to one of the Josephs(there are two). So he introduced me to a guy called Valentio...lol wat a cool name uh?Hehe I was acting all stupid cause i went jelly(u can seriously go jelly) inside...lol...he seems like a great guy....i don't noe but he just has this look of someone u want to noe or get to noe better. Not to mention that he is only 15years old, he looks older cause he has this mature look lol. It was a real pleasure meeting him. That nite, AJ & Darwin came to my house to pick up Diana and I to go to Star for the movie, Alexander The Great. AJ & Darwin were following me cause I pitied them for always being stuck at home. I was real dumb cause I didn't noe the responsibility tat i put myself under! We went to the arcade cause AJ & Darwin were just inlove wif it and wanted to go so we went. It was quite tiring cause I kept imagining one of them disappearing so I wouldn't let them out of my sight. It was a real pity too cause I wanted to get to noe Valentio alot better as I hardly knew him but I couldn't really talk to him. Its weird but I can't seem to look at Valentio when we're talking...i keep looking away so it isn't much of a conversation if the person u r talking to isn't looking at u. One of the things I hate myself about...sighh...anyway in the theatre I sat infront of Val and Joel wif AJ & Darwin. Eric sat on my left. The movie wasn't exactly good...it was kinda sad...lol i can't find a word for it...it just wasn't exactly a good movie..give it a 6 out of 10. I tink it was a bad influence on my two cousins cause they kept repeating the word 'gay' over and over again lol. Don't tink my uncle was too happy lol. Oh well...after the 3 hour movie, Val had to get a cab home. I mean I felt really bad after how nice he has been to all of us...if it wasn't my uncle who was picking us up i would haf offered him a ride. Overall, it was an interesting day. LaTeRsSsss....