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Thursday, November 25, 2004
Im bcoming sucky in bball 1:00 AM

Went to Swak Club wif Joel and Joey and Keith. We were playing bball under the hot sun then we saw Sheryl,Alyssa,Sheryl's lil sis,Belle,Jocelyn and Alexander. There was a tennis competition of some kind cause there were alot of english female players playing. Anyway we played bball for awhile then they went swimming while i sat by the pool listening to Ashlee Simpson's Autobiography. It was prolly cause of my lonelyness look tat they ended the swim early....heheh...then we sat down for a drink...and later we walked around doing absolutely nothing. Finally we went to play bball again...lol...me and Joey were playing wif Andre and Alex. It was so hot and tiring. When I got bck I was so tired and hungry. Slept at 5am. LaTeRsSsss....