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Sunday, November 21, 2004
JoJo where art thou? 10:30 PM

Woke up at 1pm!LoL..so late eeek..went to Crowne Tower to eat breakfast wif lena and my dad and his friend. The mini eggtarts were yummy! Sadly I didn't get to buy my Jojo CD which I wanted badly...sighh...so in the end i didn't get it. Tat nite we went to RH to eat but it started raining so we left then went to another restaurant tat really sucked wif my auntie and cousin and my mum who all just came bck from Sibu. They went there cause my cousin was getting married. Mum was really jumpy cause she was afraid Lena would miss her flight but my dad was as calm as ever. The dinner turned out to be terrible so I felt quite sick after it too...neways LaTeRsSsss....