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Sunday, December 12, 2004
Best time I ever had during this hols 8:10 PM

I woke up at 11.00am! Hehe suppose to meet Joel,Val and Judith at Upwell. Quickly changed and dashed down to Upwell. It was drizzling when I saw three people walking slowly up to Upwell. Before I left, my mum was lecturing me again about safety and stuff. She just doesn't like Joel for some reason sigh! Doesn't trust him one bit! Anyway we walked to Tun Jugah to try on some clothes. Joel and Val were suppose to do some modelling thing but they quit cos they had to do it infront of a pub of gangsters so it was like being hookers lol. But he was afraid his dad mite find out so he took some fake pics of him trying on some clothes wif his digital camera. After that we walked to Swak Plaza and read some magazines. Then we went to McDs to rest and take afew pics. We walked to Riverside JUST to buy the popcorn there. Omg man like its tat good! Joel and Val liked it sooo much.

So after tat we went to the 711 nearby and Val got a slurpee. I can't understand how much space he has in his belly. LoL then we went to Hilton for fun cos my sucky sandals were killing my feet! We took acouple of pics there as well then it was off to Waterfront. We walked along the path which I haven't done in a long time. Ate some fried ice-creams and decided to sit on one of those sampans and go to Fort Magaretta. But we couldn't find an empty one so we didn't go! I was so disappointed cos I was afraid at first duh but after I kept looking at them I just felt interested but we didn't go so instead we went to Star to watch 'Polar Express'. It wasn't a very good movie. I give it 4 out of 10. The animation was great but the storylin wasn't very superb. The moral is ...... well something to do wif believing in Santa Claus. I got myself a mike for my comp cos of this 'Skype' thing Val told me to download. It allows u to talk to ur friends and hear wat they hafta say as well so its real cool.

We were messing around wif it late last nite. We went to Tun Jugah after tat and called our parents. Joel was coming up wif some lie to tell his folks. He was going wif the pretending to be angry about the modelling thing cos they were too fussy and stuff. Hehe I wasn't suppose to be there so I had to hide. Before leaving, we quickly took some pics to finish off the whole film so I can develop it for a special someone later. In the end, my mum came earlier than them so I left. We walked so much the whole day so now my feet is aching! I can't wait for them to come online so we can talk again like last nite! LaTeRsSsss....