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Saturday, December 25, 2004
Day Before Xmas 1:58 AM

haha today I came down and found an enormous turkey on the kitchen table. First thought tat came to my head was 'YUMMY!'. LoL the house was empty so figured everyone went out. Later mum reports Auntie Rose sent it. I love aunties sometimes don't u?:) anyway when I went to 'inspect' the turkey, I discovered something terrible! It was either our turkey was born retarded or there was a thief among us. A leg was missing! Using my imaginary detective skills, I suspected Diana had done it. I soon forgot about it because my legs were getting all wobbly again. (thanks to Albert's useless exercise tips! another story)

Diana forced me to go wif her to some church concert thing in kenyalang. I finally gave in because I figured I had nthg esle to do anyway. My poor legs were aching in pain as I slowly walked up the stairs. It was like I aged 40 years in the past week. The place was packed! I had to stand for 3 hours as there were no empty seats. In the beginning, we were singing some christmas carols. After that acouple of white dressed ladies were singing and dancing. I missed it as I went out to buy a drink with Diana, Stella and some form3s. I saw someone I didn't expect at all, Judith! She was just as surprised as I was. We talked for like 5 seconds cause she was leaving already with her dad. Joel was downstairs according to her. She said the concert was very weird lol. Watever that means.

Anyway we went back in for 2 more hours then finally went back. There were acouple of moments where everyone were jumping following the beat of the songs. I couldn't do it! I don't know why but I just couldn't! I felt so weird and uptight. I wished I joined in but it appeared my shoes were glued to the floor. Mum and Auntie Rose picked us up and we went for supper. During the whole concert, I realised many things like how important God is and how amazingly wonderful He is. From that moment, I decided to go to church. I mean I did go to church several times before but I always felt bored. When I'm in church, I tell myself I should go to church more as its quite fun but when I reach home I change my plans. This time I'm going to try and go to church more often. LaTeRsSsss....MERRY XMAS EVE!