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Saturday, December 04, 2004
The day I became different 10:30 AM

Talk about annoying bros I tink mine mite win the award! He came back at like midnight or so which was fine wif me cos me and Sherry(my cousin from sarikei) got to play the computer till late late wif an excuse which was we were waiting for my bro. So my dad couldn't ask us to go up! Hehee so when he comes bck, he askes Sherry whether if she could wake up at 6.30am. It was already 1.30am so only 5 hours of sleep! He said he was afraid he couldn't wake up as his friends were coming at 6.30am to go to Matang for a BBQ! He said he would take us to a nice restaurant if he did so we agreed. When we went up, we were soooo bored! We sat there from 2am to 5.30am doing nthg! I was so tired! In the end, I must haf fallen asleep at 5.30am cos I couldn't remember wat happened next. When I woke up, Sherry laughed and said she went to his room at 6am but he wasn't asleep! He was awake as well just lying there! So we stayed up for no reason at all! The worst part was HE DIDN'T TAKE US OUT!

So we slept till prolly 2pm I tink. Then my mum offered to take us out to Riverside cos we looked terribly bored so Diana followed too. There Diana called one of her friends to come along. We planned to see a movie but the time didn't suit us so we couldn't see anything. So we ended up following Diana and Che Wee SHOPPING! I absolutely hate shopping wif ppl. If it was wif my friends, it prolly be different but it wasn't! Perfume shopping was just pathetic. I stood there completely bored to death wandering around practising how to walk. Sherry's jeans were so small and low all the malays were staring at her like a pack of wolves staring at a piece of bloody meat. It was so freaky as anyone of them could just come and take her or something. Among all of them, I felt so left out as in I felt so unwanted! I mean its just they're both pretty and stuff and I just look like a picture tat isn't suppose to be there. Anyway we finally left thank God! My sandales were killing my feet.

Last nite, she took my hp again and she went upstairs like at 11pm or so. I knew she couldn't be sleeping so I was wandering wat the heck was she doing. When I went up at like 1.30am, I found her crawled up in my bed wif a cellphone in her ear. She went up to her own bed and continued talking. I got a pillow and just whacked her wif it. In the end, she gave back my hp which I tried to hid away. Later when we became bored again she went down and got a packet of junk food and we jsut sat there snacking away and talking about all kinds of stuff. Turned out, we had lots incommon. We had older siblings who were popular and we were just kind of like the rejects. I mean not tat bad but its just a way of saying it. We always got mistaken for someone older but wat made me laugh like mad was when she was younger, she had really cut hair so on Chinese New Year, someone mistook her for a boy so he said 'KoKo' then she glared at him! LoL...I don't know if u find tat funny but tat somehow made me laugh alot! Then later she made me try on some clothes in my room. I kept saying I was fat and couldn't fit anything till she got mad and told me to stop! LoL...we changed into some outfits I had in my closet which I never wore in my life. Some were surprisingly nice and some were just plain small! She nearly fainted when she saw my clothes. There were all big shirts which she said could be used for sleeping! She told me to buy smaller shirts...just not sooo big!

LoL...I hafta admit there were pretty huge! LoL...sighh anyways later we went downstairs cos Albert still wasnt home yet so we just sat there in the kitchen drinking and talking away about more stuff. I honestly couldn't imagine the stuff we had incommon. The stuff we go throught. The stuff we do even! I felt really happy talking to her cos she is more than a cousin. She actually listens and talks bck to me unlike Diana! Diana is impossbile to communicate sometimes. Makes me mad. So we drank some stuff, then went up.(albert was bck by now)So we got into bed, then started talking some more about life and stuff. Then my hp beeped, meaning a new sms from a guy. She answered it and I went to sleep.LaTeRsSsss....