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Monday, December 20, 2004
A day wif an old friend 10:32 PM

Before Val left on Sunday I msg-ed him telling him to haf a safe flight and merry xmas.Who noes?It mite be our last conversation which by the way Im praying won't be! Anyway I went out today wif an old friend, Bartholomew Su. He hadn't changed much. He's still that tall and polite guy. I was excited to see him again but I don't think he felt the same way. I mean we're close buddies and all but I could tell he was nervously waiting for something. Aidan Chan, a genius in everything including chess was wif him. Just then the person Bart was looking forward to meet arrived. She got out of the car and smiled nervously. She is Charlene Bong. According to her, they were together. I was so shocked when she told me that. I mean first off, Bart lives in New Zealand now and the last time he came back was in January and he didn't even know about Charlene then.

Turns out they chatted online for quite some time now and Im still puzzled of how they ended up together. Anyway we walked into Riverside and Bart bought tickets for the Ocean 12 movie. I sat the corner of the row wif Aidan by my side. Bart and Charlene were sitting together on Aidan's left. I didn't even want to think wat was happening so I just focused on the movie. Somewhere between the movie, Charlene passed my handphone no. to her dad because her dad didn't feel comfortable about her going out. She wanted me to try and convince the dad there were only girls out but thank God he didn't call me! After the movie, we went to KFC for burgers and cheesy weggles. Bart was trying so hard to be like a gentleman by eating very timidly. He didn't want to get his fingers or face dirty so he had to slowly devour his food one bite at a time. Im sorry but it looked so funny that I couldn't stop laughing. Then Charlene had to go back because her dad was somewhere in Riverside already.

I was actually happy she left since Bart was acting all weird and stuff so it was pretty hard talking to him. After she left Bart was normal again but he was still upset so I tried cheering him up by going bowling. Since Bart paid for the tickets and the food, I decided to pay for the bowling games. In the first game, I wasn't all that bad actually. I managed to get 2nd place but in the second game, I couldn't bowl for my life! We saw abunch of form2s in the cinema later. So we decided to go the Star for the arcade but it was raining! So we just called it a day and waited for our parents to pick us up. My mum came extra late because of the heavy traffic. I was starting to feel really drowsy as I slept at 4am that nite and woke at 11am! Bart was still there so we talked alittle about Charlene then I left. I was so exhausted I fell asleep in the car. At home, I talked to Bart again about Charlene. It appears he really likes her. He even said he loved her online! I tried telling and warning Bart about her but he seemed like he was in a dazed or something. There was alittle I could do so I just gave him my best wishes and luck as well. He prolly thought I was jealous cause he later said we were always going to be best buddies. I ended that sentence wif a 'forever' at the end and took a nap. LaTeRsSsss....