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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Guys aren't so different from girls;) 7:00 PM

Today was a close call. I woke up at 12.40pm! We were suppose to meet at 1pm in KFC. Haha I had to rush like mad. Anyway we went to McD's to see Swak Tribune cos Joel and Val's face were on the newspaper. Some reporter took a pic of them while asking the Msia Idols for autographs(BTW there was a concert). Haha then we ran to Star to get tickets. Val and I were bugging Joel and Keith to watch 'Shutter'. LoL I dunoe wat but I just really wanted to see it besides it was either that or 'Polar Express'. So in the end, we went for 'Shutter'. Hehe it was ladie's nite so I only had to pay 6 bucks. Anyway in the beginning I sat at the side but after we changed rows, I sat between Joel and Keith. Thank God bcos the movie was really scary lol and somewhere in between there was one funny part so I didn't exactly lie now did I? All I noe is Keith or in other words GUYS can actually scream like girls. LoL no kidding! Keith went for the high note when the ghost appeared. Valentio was covering his eyes, lol, Joel was just trying to focus on his hp. LoL ok I admit I screamed acouple of times but girls are allowed to scream! Heheh then we went for to KFC to eat. Keith wanted to get a new wallet so we ran to Tun Jugah's bodyglove. We kinda walked abit then into a music store then I read some magazine saying Jennifer Garner & Ben Afleck are together! Omg! I never knew that! Wat happened to J.Lo man? Oh well we called our folks and went down. Val left the earliest in a cab while we discussed wat to get him for Xmas which is just around the corner! Keith got Joel a music CD but I dunoe wat to get Keith and Joel. Val's gift is planned out already. Hehe anyways LaTeRsSsss....