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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
True friends are hard to find 1:33 AM

Im starting to realise this end of the year's hols are the best hols I ever had among all the rest of the end of the year hols. I made a great new friend, I went out more often than ever before, I didn't waste my entire hols on comps or television, I spent more times wif my best friend than usual and I've worked wif many interesting people and experienced wats its like to be in an actual play. I had so much fun this year. I nearly wish it would never end. New friendships were born, old ones were renewed and I just realised how amazing everyone is. I had to be 'slinky' to get the part of Portiphar's wife today but I couldn't. I just can't flirt! Haha its so strange but its true. I guess u can't learn how to flirt, u just know when the time is right. Oh and you can help a person alot but u can still never help them enough. Im not sure if Im making any sense here but if u understand, tats great.

Joel is my best friend. We haf been for 10 years and despite thick and thin were stuck wif each other no matter wat the consequences. We had fights, we had quarrels, but in the end we are still friends. Its like every fight just draws us closer and closer. I will never stop thanking God for 'introducing' Joel Ngeaw to me. I don't know wat I would do without him. Another quote is you can't make someone like u. If they show signs of none interest and perhaps alittle bit of annoyance, u should know by then he doesn't like u. This christmas will be very interesting because this year well I can't say we or I cause I didn't do anything and I feel really guilty about it and I can't tell u who its for or wat it is cause I haven't seen it either. Ok 'someone' has been working hard on something and its for someone special and dear to all of us. Anyway last nite, I was talking to Joel from 10 something continuing to like 1am?

LoL we were just talking rubbish and stuff. We haven't talked on the phone tat long in a long time now and it just brought back some old memories. Anyway Val's leaving soon for Indonesia to Bangkok on a holiday wif his family. He's leaving Sunday the 19th. Tats very soon and well everyone's missing him loads already. Joel was actually talking and crying alittle at the same time. Judith was crying abit and laughing abit as well when Joel was crying. I was on the phone and I was crying too! Haha it was like all 3 of us crying over him. For Joel its because he spent everyday wif Val ever since the Joseph rehearsals started. Judith was always there too duh. I, on the other hand, didn't spend much time with him but the times tat we did I'll never forget them. So this is pretty hard on Joel especially because Val has been like an older bro to Joel and well they are real close. Joel says things won't be the same the next time he sees him because it'll be like from two different worlds. Val will haf his own friends and Joel too so they won't be exactly close anymore, well not as close as now. '...we'll be drifting apart..' said Joel. He's a real sensitive guy. I hafta admit going out or watching movies won't be the same without Vigilius Valentio Febrio Altamirano Delcastrio. Lets hope he doesn't forget us or the past month tat he has spent wif all of us. So I end this wif best of luck dude wherever u are. LaTeRsSsss.