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Thursday, December 30, 2004
Tsunami Nightmare 2:26 AM

As many of u noe, an enormous wave hit Indonesia just several days ago. Many many people died in the incident. I tink the number of people dead is 55,700 plus. Among them are:

Sri Lanka: 13,000 dead
Indonesia: 4,500 dead
India: 3,500 dead
Thailand: 866 dead
Maldives: 52 dead
Malaysia: 44 dead
Burma: 30 dead
Bangladesh: 2 dead

This is soo sad and tragic. If u want more info just search for 'tsunami news' in google or some other website. I'm sure many websites have stuff about this already. ABC News has alot info about this. I'm so grateful that no one I noe was hurt. I'm, at the same time, feeling sad about the amount of victims killed and missing. Can u imagine the number of families who are searching high and low for their loved ones? Can u possibly imagine the number of families who are griefing over the death of their loved ones? There was this one story about an englishman who was holding his baby in his arms. When the wave hit him, he held on as tight as he could. After it was over, he opened up his arms only to find a bundle of clothes. The baby was gone. Another story is a 6 year old Taiwan girl was clinging for life on a coconut tree for 20 hours as the wave landed. Her mother is reported missing. This has been a really terrible tragedy. My dad says this might mean the end of the world is coming. What's frightening is ... I tink he's right. LaTeRsSsss...