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Saturday, January 22, 2005
OC is the best soap I have ever watched! GO OC! 6:17 PM

omg Orange County is the best soap I ever watched! Its soooo nice and interesting! I can't believe they dun show it in Malaysia!!!! ARGHHH! OC just rocks so hard man! I was watching it the whole nite yesterday! Whooopeeee Ryan is so cuteee lol anyway on Thursday was Mr. Bill's bday! I wonder hwo old he is. I was adding his bday date to my hp when I realised I haf no idea how old the guy is. Hmmm well rehearsal was fun on thursday. I was Jospeh's mother so I had to go for some costume fitting. lol it was completely awful! I mean the clothes were just awful. It looked liek a 'sarong' which in the end turned out to be one! and it was huge!

I think i could hide someone under tat thing. Anway I didn't want to hurt the teacher's feelings cos she looked so sweet and stuff. One more thing that bugs me is I don't know wat to do exactly for the wife part. I mean I just hate it if someone is like talking trash about me behind my back and stuff like '..oh she sucks as a wife! shes so useless' . I don't wanna be perasaan or anything but tat kind of stuff kept going throught my head. Sighh pls don't hate me;) anwyays fark just now was sooooo bloody fun man! The wat...'Battle of the Bands' crap? lol tat totally sucks but the ppl I was wif made the whole thing so bloody fun man! Ham's cousins and sisters and other friends are so totally cool! They just start laughing if there is ever a silence between them which is so weird but its in a way extremely funny too. Ham's family is so cool man! Sighhh fun la! Hope we can do it again before school starts! LaTeRsSss....