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Saturday, January 08, 2005
Sampan Terror 10:38 PM

lol today was plain fun. I felt terrible cos of my annoying flu but i wasnt really thinking about it when we went out to watch 'Kung Fu Hustle'. Hahahahaha tat is such a funny movie! I was laughing throughout the whole thing! Like my sis said, 'its so stupid till it makes it funny!' Mainly it was really just dumb but funny at the same time! Anyway i met some of val's room mates. There was Andy, Marissa and someone esle who I cant remember her name. Haha I was just like 'Hi' but I was thinking 'JOEL WHERE R U?!' Screw Joel for being so late!:( thats when I met Aunt Katherine or is it Catherine? She was just like Joel said, so cool and funny.

Her kids which I finally met were Ryan and little Anthony. Anthony is absolutely adorable but real stubborn. lol guess i was pretty stubborn too when I was a kid. We sat on the waterfront sampan after the movie! Hahaha tat was sooo fun! Believe it or not, I actually shed alittle tear when the wooden piece of crap started shaking side to side! Joel wasn't much help cos he kept laughing and trying to make the boat shake some more! I was just afraid the boat toppled over! Towards the end of the ride, Val and Joel started shaking the boat violently by standing and moving side to side! Hahahahahaha this time the boat when on Judith's side so both of them fell on Judith! I was SOOOOO FREAKING SCARED I started screaming like a mad banshee!

I honestly thought we topple over but THANK YOU LORD JESUS we didnt! Instead, Judith was crying this time! lol she was half crying half laughing wif everyone esle in the boat. lol i was seriously shaken by tat! When we finally got off, we went for some fried ice creams and to a bakery where we got like 2 loaves of bread for the fish in Reserveral Park. (tis tat spelled rite?) Haha it was just loads of fun! Too bad it had to end when my mum came to pick me up! :'( Aunt Kath said she wouldnt mind taking me home which I was real pleased wif but as overprotective parents are, I had to go home! Sighh but I guess the saying 'all good things come to an end' wasn't invented for no reason rite? Sighh LaTeRsSsss....