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Friday, January 14, 2005
Screw those small drains 9:48 PM

oh man i ate some sour cream puff crap yesterday but luckily I threw half the thing away before I realised I am food poisoned! Eeek! Today was totally indigestion day. My tummy was all in bubbles making me feel queasy all day. ARghh now I'm still suffering but only slightly. Sighh tried skipping school but my mum busted me! Sighh I'm a sick girl but my dear old mum wouldn't allow it! Anway if I didn't go to school today I could haf missed alot of unneccessarily mishaps today.

Time: after school Venue: Park outside school Companions/'LifeSavers'(call it wat u wish): Radhie & Joel.

It was a bright hot sunny day like any other. We were walking back from UniShop and chatting away like normal teens. When suddenly, Joel spotted a black van. He asked if it was Radhie's so we all 3 looked in tat direction. I was infront so I was the unlucky one. I turned then suddenly it seemed like the whole earth was shaking! Next thing you noe my right leg was completely swallowed by the evil drain! I was just started swearing and laughing. Radhie was the first one on the scene. He managed to drag my enormous body to the sidewalk. At first, both 'lifesavers' were extremely caring. To be honest, it kind of scared me. Never see them like this. Anway next thing I noe they both start laughing like idiots! I haf no idea wat was so funny! My arms and legs were all scratched and they just start laughing. LoL sigh I realised one thing today. When in ur time of need, ur friends will be there but after couple of secs, they start laughing. Hmm I'm so confused:) hehehe LaTeRsSsss...