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Thursday, February 03, 2005
crap skool is getting so tiring... 8:31 PM

argh im so tired man..like everyday in skool i go bck at like 6.30pm every day! wahliew...bloody tired and sien...interskool is a waste of time cos mr.mong does crap! he just ask us go practise throwing the stuff then he go to the runners and leave us alone nia! so boring! heeh but at least can skip and go play bball:) hehe wah bball now is so fun man! got so many new ppl come la... all from international side! hehe yipee last time only a few of us nia no fun but now got tons of more ppl! woohooo! yesterday got play game leh wif the internationals... I forgot how tiring bball games are... freak man i was running up and down the court. my feet so sore man feel like fire. but overall it was fun! :)

hahah ok anyway the rehearsals are getting alot better! heheh met like two other new ppl during the whole production. Barnaby and Leah... barnaby is such a nice name... hehe barnaby... barnaby.... barnaby... barnaby... barnaby! lol ok ok ermm omg my costume is.... err... wats the word? its not TAT bad but its not all TAT either! not to mention its huge! i bet i can smuggle someone in it lol. the only nice thing bout my outfit is the belt which i tink looks cool. todays the day we all get dressed up just to see how we look like in the costumes.

heeheh pretty funny too. Leah's costume i tink is the best! shes got the combination of pretty but evil look too which is exactly wat her role is all about! hmm i look like a bloody cow! honestly ppl back then haf no fashion sense at all! i mean im not a big fashion person but i can still tell wat is ugly and wat is nice! oh well at least its quite comfy i guess:) ooo CNY is just nxt week... cool so fast man. already february... time passes too fast! :( sigh anyway LaTeRsSsss.....