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Saturday, February 19, 2005
it was fun while it lasted... 9:36 PM

well i saw Constantine AGAIN today! thanks to Joey the ass! heheh i was out wif Marisa n Joey actually. It was alittle annoying cause both of them so shy shy like tat. hiyarr shy for wat? we're all friends rite? neways we walked and walked and i discovered there is nothing to do in Kuching! its so boring! the only entertainment i tink is going to the movies! besides tat kuching is just dull! so later i went to marisa's place which was kinda scary. Saw her guardian n ariesty. lol God i was so pathetic! i was like a mute when we all sat down.

then finally i saw marisa's room. it was kinda small but it looked really cosy. we just talked n talked n talked n talked. lol its weird how we had so much to talk about. so just talking n talking. then i signed in her msn n pretended to flirt wif someone. lol not sure if he fell for it but it was fun messing wif their brains and stuff. well the worst part of it all was when my mum called me saying she was outside lodge junior skool.

so i ran out of the house all the way there but i couldnt see them. arghh i was sweating already and kinda annoyed so i had to run all the way back to marisa's to borrow her hp. mine was out of batts. it was kind of embarrassing cos i din want to bother her but i had no choice. so called them and from the sound of my dad's voice in the background... i knew i was in awhole lot of shit when i got in the car. so when i did get in the car... my dad started shouting loudly. i just sat in the back insilence breathing heavily. it turned out they were at the entrance of lodge junior skool! despite the fact tat i said at the tadika outside lodge junior skool twice! arghh so guess i cant go out tomolo anymore... or maybe it mite last for awhile. sighh parents! LaTeRsSsss....