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Monday, March 07, 2005
Damai was so fun man!! 6:19 PM

hahaha damai was so fun! btw did u noe Damai is also nicknamed for 'Land Of Disgusting Adult Porn' and i mean really ADULT! i saw this really nasty man and woman. gross! anyway abunch of ppl went (mostly the joseph cast) just to run and play under the sun! ahhaah it was sooooo fun!!! the waves were sooo strong la! crap i stand for 20mins in the water i already half-dead. the waves are tooo strong but at least they're fun! :) hahaha it was soo great. the dumb waves hit me so hard i tumbled over many many times often causing injury to some of my friends.... heeh sry guys! of course there were a number of times i got pushed under the salty water where i couldnt breath! but it was still loads of fun! we had to stop when the stupid guard came and told her to go away cause the sign said 'Very Dangerous!'. Sien man! ehhe no big deal.. we just dug a hole and buried Val in it. hahaha it was hilarious!

we gave him balls, boobs, coloured hair and the most ridiculous body which had a tailfin btw. lol yea i noe! heheh there was even a small stream leading to the ocean. the water was soooo cold! wah so nicee just to lie there after a hot workout:) (by tat i mean running on the beach like an actor out of 'Baywatch') we took some pics and even discovered a cave! haha we were so freaked about going in but in the end we did and took afew pics again! haahha in the dark! i noe so sakai! :) hahaha but it was fun! later when we were joined by Muzzie and Akmal which just made things way better! ahahah we got so hungry we ate watver there was in the bags. ahhaah akmal and muz were so mean! they tried adding Nescafe powder into Ham's maggie mee cup but lucky for her the bag was empty so i added SUGAR into it! hahah we started laughing like mad and watched cruelly when Ham tasted it. First thing she said was 'why no taste one?' hahaha... we of course told her later when she was done wif it of course! but it was just our luck when she said she gave it all to Joel instead cause she said it tasted funny. joel must haf been starving cause he just ate it all up!

the part tat sucked was when muzzie, akmal and ham left! :'( sighh less laughter liaw. well wif bryant playing the guitar we all just sat around looking throught some lyrics. haha later we had a massive pillowfight! guys do pillowfight! omigoodness! i sooo din noe tat! haha anyway bryant was hilarious and so was everyone esle! rad run straight into the door! hahaha wat a dumbass! i couldnt stop laughing like an idiot! hahahaha poor guy! ahah we even jumped into the swimming pool in our clothes till the guard kicked us out! haha i couldnt believe it myself when i took my shirt off cause i wanted to swim so badly! hahaha! hope no one saw me!! eeek! dun wory it was back on in a sec! :) tat nite, we wandered around and found an extremely comfortable seat by the pool. so it was just us and the stars tat nite. they were really shining tat nite. the brightest i haf even seen so far. later we played pool at the bar. the tab was on barnaby who showed up from nowhere all of the sudden. anways 4sprites1cola adds up to RM25.40! omg im like :O hahaha crap damai so expensive! well it turns out my pool skills well pretty much sucks! hahah when my car was finally here, i sat in the car for an hour nearly half asleep. the bones on my body were aching already and when i collapsed onto my bed, i fell asleep nearly immediately. i din even hear the 12 miscalls made from joanne and joel and ham. proves how much of a pig i was Saturday nite. LaTeRsSss....

Here r some puzzles of pics we took there:) enjoy! and good luck!