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Saturday, March 05, 2005
Joseph And The Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat 9:06 AM

i just want to say... its been a great pleasure doing joseph. it tooked 3-4 months but it was all worth it. thanks to joseph i met so many new ppl, learnt i can do something if i set my mind to it and also i have the priceless memories that will forever stay with me. infact i feel sorry for the ppl like the audience who didn't participate in it but then again the audience did dance to the songs like Pharoah so i guess they enjoyed the show too.

on the first nite which was just for students, we performed our best. many ppl already said our first nite was the best because we were all so psyched about the whole thing and i tink they're rite. the only thing tat was keeping it from becoming the best show was the audience! dun get me wrong the audience were okay but its just they acted as if they were all dead! when we were dancing no one danced and tat just made me alittle sad. i mean here we are dancing and singing wif all we got, and it wouldn't kill u to show some encouragement or support. ah wtver... mrbill said it was very good so i guess tat only matters.

on the 2nd nite which was Rusydie's turn to be Joseph, the audience was much better! they got up and started dancing hahaha and of course rusydie's whole family were in the crowd dancing and cheering him on and i thought tat was really sweet. hahha radhie was doing who-knoes-wat during the Pharoah scene. hahaha sry man but u kept me smiling all nite thanks to ur pathetic dancing! hahahahaha sry! the wonderful finale was when everyone gave flowers to rusydie. tat was really sweet. Ham and Marisa were there too. thanks for showing up u guys:)

on the 3rd nite we had important people! or did they show up? haha sry i din really notice. anyways we were giving these booklets of the show as souvenirs and we could ask the cast to sign them which we all did in a rush! hahah they were pictures being snapped in all directions and i just got really sad tat i didnt tink of even bringing my camera!!! haha well we did a good show and dayah was present tonite wif her family and stuff. Muz 'was' the stagecrew.. haha but i dun tink he helped much... haha jk muzzie!! hehe well we did a good show tat nite too. val's parents were there and his mum even gave him a bouquet of flowers at the ending. Sehkim too. (joel's auntie) tat was so sweet. backstage joel started crying like mad so did val and everyone esle! so im like standing in the centre of everything with a errmm-r-u-ok-?-its-just-a-show-man look on my face! hahah all the girls(i saw) took advantage of the situation and sneaked the opportunity of giving a hug to val. hhaah ... ookokok! so i got a hug too but he hugged me! hahaha jk jk!:)

on the 4th and final nite, it was rusydie's turn. frankly i was kinda sad it had to end. it took us 3-4 months to do this show and now its all coming to an end:'( i mean the past nites flew by so quick! it hardly felt like 2hours had passed. sighh im gona miss this soo much! joel was looking gloomy and this time i brought my camera!! haahha i took a few shots of everyone just to help me rekindle this moment in many years to come like when im 50yrs old with no teeth. i at least i can be proud and say in an extremely croakly voice, "Joseph! arrr... i was in tat!'. btw we had really important guests tat nite! the chief minister's wife showed up so did ham's mum and some other important people. it was great cos we shaked their hands while singing as well at the ending which was asked as an encore! haha yea tat was a great feeling just standing under the spotlight smiling like an idiot:) hahaha well i seriously enjoyed myself alot and i met alot of new friends too who now i wonder how on earth could i haf gone by this world and not meet all of these incredible people now also known as my friends. thanks u guys :)

well tats all i got to say... ehehe JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLORED DREAMCOAT u rock! GO GO GO JOSEPH! hahah rock on:) LaTeRsSsss....