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Saturday, March 26, 2005
mwahaha watch out JLo SNgu's here! 1:49 AM

hahah im so retarded i noe.. :P hahah anyway im extremely happy today! hahaah my relatives..parents..blah blah said my diet was showing but i obviously nvr believed them cos its always either trying to make me happy for wat.. 3mins? or just wanting to get smtg from me so duh i din believe them this time either. but when i tried on my last yr jeans for church just now.. and surprisingly it felt so big! mwaahaha im so pleased!! who would haf thought my pathetic on-and-off diet would work! hehe but according to my dad, its not the dieting.. its the hormones in me or smtg like tat.. well either way THANKS ABUNCH! :P

haha anyway todays Good Friday! the day Jesus came bck to life! heheh church was fun just now.. the song was really cool n it just hit the spot if u noe wat i mean. '..im sorry for the things i made it.. its all bout u.. its all bout u Jesus..' and '.. im coming bck to the heart of worship.. and its all bout u.. all bout u Jesus..'

wow.. great song.. :) ehhe i dunoe why but nowadays the things i look forward to is mostly goin to church. maybe its cos Miffy will be there and im gona haf a chatty friend to keep me company or its God drawing me in to his circle. i sure hope its God! :) hehe well yesterday yesterday was Hamidah's bday! we went to her place rite after skool after buying a barrel of KFC(21 pieces!)! haha it was so cool hanging out wif ham again after not being able to see her for more than a week! she definately grew.. bigger.. fatter not so but her head grew bigger! it was like JoJo.. her heads being than her body! hehe anyway we ate n laughed like hyenas when we watched Joseph on DVD! the best part was when hams older sisters turned up! wooohoo! anisa rocks! shes so crazy n it just like the older version of ham!

laughed and laughed and had a great time at dinner! ahaha then we painted all our faces wif the coloured 'crayons' thanks to sarah! hehe so fun! i dunoe why but i tink whoever painted me was just dull cos i was all black! joel was all purple.. rad had a moustache! ham just looked like a football supporter!:P btw dayah turned into doraemon tat nite! her eyes swelled up so big she looked like 3times cuter! i SAID THREE TIMES DAYAH! hehehe totally fun.. hams family is just the bomb! all laughing like idiots.. crap kinda sad anisa goin bck tomolo! :'( oh well i'll see her again during the Rainforest Festival!:) hehehe

btw today is Marisa Anggraini's 16th BDAY! did i get tat rite marisa? lol anwyay sorry i din chia u anything or give u ur bday presnet yet! its just hams bday left me alittle broke! hehe anwyay dun wory im gona get u smtg gooD! u can count on tat!

exams are nxt week! crap... gona fail.. gona fail.. my sejarah is dead.. geo remains a mystery.. maths is getting tough... science is surprisingly not so tough.. english teacher is a monster.. bm teacher is kinda boring... moral teacher is monster2... oh wait the real monster is cikgu diana leong! shes a freak! scares the heck out of me! PJK is just tiring.. yep tats bout it:P hehe hope to God i pass them! :) neways HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY! lol LaTeRsSsss...