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Saturday, March 26, 2005
one won one lost.. 9:18 PM

today had to wake up at 8am.. at first i woke up at 6am then looked at my hp and saw i still got 2hrs of peace! so i slept peacefully till i heard someone shouting 'wake up! u got bball!'. wah havent played in a game since last yr thanks to cacat glee. our first game was against Chung Hua No.1.. a skool we never beaten. as usual most of us were tinking its a finish game but surprisingly everyone gave alot of effort and we managed to keep the score even.

i haf to tell u playing in skool like for training is different from an actual game. its like once u're on the court.. the ball is passed.. u can only tink of one thing. 'keep ur eyes on the damn ball' and hope to God it doesnt come ur way! lol i made so many mistakes! my free throw is abunch of crap and so many opportunities to score but i just passed it away:( hate myself so much today.. esp in the 2nd game against Kuching High. wahliew when i saw the number5 girl i already tinking 'we're screwed'.

but i tink we could haf a chance of maybe catching up alittle to kch high but everyone was really tired and coach dunoe why din wanna put marianne or jerbz in the game! they are good yet he didnt let them in. i haf no idea why he did tat! april looked exhausted playing 2 games.. cant blame her. hahah i haf to work on everything again from running to shooting. im a bloody slow faggart! the only thing i can do now is defend. ahah btw i fell 3 times today! aduh my arse! Kch high was so rough man! Chung hua was still okay la. they were quite friendly and at least they smiled when we shook hands. heheh i recognised one of the chung hua girls from last yr when i accidentally sorta punched her eye. heehe feel terrible.. but hey tats bball i guess.

well we got another game tomolo morning. shit hope it isnt against Kch high! whew.. will post again tomolo to tell u about it.. if i haf any readers tat is. crap sucky day.. immediately slept after showering.. so tired! i haf foudn the 2 feelings really gets u down. the feeling of dissappointing ur team/coach and the feeling tat we could haf done better but after all like everyone says.. its just a game:) LaTeRsSsss...