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Monday, March 28, 2005
there are bigger girls than me! :O 8:54 PM

heheh recieved an extremely early phonecall on sunday at 7am or smtg! turned out to be a crazy girl who was at the door of my house. i was so tired yet i had to summon my strength and answer the door. she ran to my cold room.. ahh comfy room.. and just started flipping throught some photos while i tried to get bck to sleep. we left later to bball which i was looking forward to.

turns out we were fighting for 1st place or was it 2nd place in the competition. marianne n jerbz din show up tat morning.. couldnt blame them.. anyway we just got ready and we still at tat time din noe who our opponent was! till like 10mins from the game someone confirmed it was gona be against Siburan. tat skool beated Kch High 88-11 on saturday! so again everyone was tinking its a done game!

tis time Kch High's coach came to us and even gave us afew pointers on ways to beating the Siburan team. we haf no idea why he did tat but we haf no complaints! :) when it was our turn to play.. five of them got on the court and played. within 15-20 seconds.. siburan already scored 6points! in tat time, the score quickly increased and increased where as ours remained the same.

it wasnt until the 4th quarter when coach put me in against the biggest girl i haf ever seen. im not kidding she was really tall and she made a great great great defender. before i knew it both of us were wrestling for the ball. she gave such energy tat i immediately weakened rite after i fell to the floor. it was good in a way as she made my blood rise making me concentrate more. in the last quarter siburan already wasnt playing their best. it was 48-8 and wif only a few mins left. but in tat time we managed to get 48-12. everyone was cheering and i believe everyone on tat court felt the applause as they played harder. but it was impossible to catch up wif siburan so we lost in the end. strange to say i wasnt sad at all... i was just pleased we managed to catch up alittle bit... yea ALITTLE BIT! :) hehe well... there's always nxt year rite?

here r pics of Lodge School bball team.. but not everyone was in it

heres the girl tat woke me up so early in the morning!! MIFFY!
i look so ugly and FAT! sooo ugly compared to tis leng loi bside me:P