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Saturday, April 16, 2005
Belated Bday Party 1:06 AM

well today was fun as usual.. got a extremely short at least 5 seconds call from joel last nite saying 'bring extra clothes tomolo! ask ur mum! after skool! no questions! bye!'... then click... he hung up.. so obviously i just sat there confused whether to call back or not but i didnt in the end and thankfully RADHIE called me later wif a better and slower approach. i figured we were goin to the movies or smtg after skool but i was kinda off target.

instead ham,joel,rad and i went to Mita to buy a cake for me! woohoo! but then the last icecream cake was already sold to someone esle! darnit! so we walked to Taka in town and bought a cake from there! hehe they cincai picked one and we walked to McDs for lunch or early dinner. anisa was there wearing this funny baju kurung.. just isnt like her at all lol.. so we ate and then we had a mini-food fight.. i was so scared we mess up McDs! and they just had to scream the bday song so darn loud and shouting 'ITS HER BDAY! ITS SANDRAS BDAY!' till one of the workers came over and asked whose bday it was. she seemed nice so we offered her a slice of cake(pathetically and very poorly sliced by ham) and the smart lady rejected. seriously ham couldnt cut the cake at all lol. cant blame her.. the cake was quite hard lol! even the cream hardened! so in the end, i ended up wif chili/tomato sauce on my forehead which eventually went to my eyes.. thanks rad! i created a new type of hair gel made from food products wif the help of my two co-workers, joel and ham. 'we' used stuff like cream, cake, oatmeal, and french fries. really good. sure to do good in the market!

anyway anisa was really retarded and funny! ahah when their car arrived, both retarded sisters started screaming 'its SANDRAS BDAY EVERYONE! ITS HER BDAY! OH I WANT UR AUTOGRAPH!' to a bunch of chinese tourists. lol so funnnny! started laughing like mad.. suddenly we all got alil high and laughed till rads veins popped out again. lol retards. hehehehe fun times.. sigh.. and we even picked up farahs bday pressie later on and i had to leave already! it was getting dark and late and i was late for church! :) plus my hair was really sticky and really looked like i used hair gel or smtg. so i had to wash it all out PRONTO! hmm had a nice time in church and here i am...:) waiting for tomolo and waiting to see wat it brings:)

just did this acouple of days ago for fun.. felt bored during exams:) for my friends who rock!:)