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Sunday, April 03, 2005
exams + lazyiness = doomed sandra 6:55 PM

aaduhh got exam already.. sighh! science was a bust! :( wat is constipation? aaaahh! im so screwed for science.. hope i pass!:( sejarah wasnt as difficult but it was still a 30% pass i tink.. no idea.. aaah so scared! tomolo is geo! aaahh! the subject tat always remained a mystery to me! aaaahhh! sigh ok lets change to happier topics.. hmmm happy topics.. wait.. hang on.. finding...

oh yeaa.. im goin to KL nxt week! haha and skipping one day of skool! woohooo! tink tats my parents way of saying 'happy bday'. hahah love parents! but actually i had second thoughts bout goin to KL.. i will be wasting a whole weekend in KL! where i can be having fun here in kch wif my friends! hmm maybe i'll ask my dad if i could possibly not join them.. heeh wat to dooo?

well anyway i've been goin to church alot more recently.. and i dunoe why.. hehe last time i was so lazy to go.. but now i jump at any opportunity of goin! hahaha hope tats a good thing:P maybe its cos im too bored at home.. or its cos im gona see my friends there.. or maybe its cos miffy will be there... or maybe cos i wan to show off my singing skills! lol jk jk! i tink its the fun of being there hanging out wif new ppl n getting to noe God more and more at the same time. i wen on friday nite and tat was just cool! it was like a rock concert all of the sudden and we were all jumping n jumping in the air singing! hahah last time my feet were glued to the ground but now.. wif diff ppl i actually joined in the fun. it was pretty cool jumping and moving to the sound of the music. i made a couple of new friends there too thanks to miffy. i just realised i love God and i love to worship him. He is the Kings of all Kings, the Lords of all Lords, my Healer, my Saviour, my Father.

Pastor Lim is pretty cool too. he isnt like one of those boring dull pastors who just go on yapping and yapping till falling asleep becomes a church activity. he makes jokes.. he does funny expressions.. he noes how to get us paying full attention and most importantly he can move and sing! hahah i used to go to church few years ago but i didnt understand a thing tat was happening so i just had no interest but now.. i see and understand wat i've been missing.. i thank God for making me see the errors of my ways. btw if anyone is interested in goin the place is called Blessed Church. ask me if u wan more info. hopefully we mite increase the number of ppl in church. so far we managed to get to 1000ppl and tats not much. so maybe one day everywhere u turn u will see Christians together worshipping Jesus Christ. Amen. LaTeRsSsss...