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Monday, April 18, 2005
farahs party is whack! :) 6:49 PM

haha so like rad n joel came over tis morning to do their geo project wif me n ham but when i called sleeping beauty.. she was still in bed! she replied wif an extremely sleepy voice.. aiyar so i did my share of the work myself whereas she agreed to doing her share before hanging up. sighh having rad n joel over was fun. been a long time since joel came over but i dun tink rad ever came over before.. maybe once but tat was in primary 6. he only stepped in my house for like 5secs then we went out to the state library to 'study'. anyway we went online for awhile just to mess around wif some ppls brains then we went to watch Resident Evil:).. i borrowed the dvd from crystal so figured mite as well watch it.

but around the middle of the movie, we got hungry and decided to go to 'the colours' which isnt very far frmo my house. outside was hot and i was so thankful when we reached the cold place. ate then walked home again and finished off the rest of the movie then got started on our geo project. hahah joel was like very determined to finish his project whereas rad was just surfing the net talking to ppl. hahah when we made some progress in our work, we took out farahs gift and wrapped it up in a quite nice wrapping paper. joel wrote a ton of strangers names on the wrapping for fun then rad wrapped over it again wif abunch of newspaper! he used up a whole roll of spellotape(as joel would call it). insane idiot!

anwayy i was sms-ing miffy n she wanted to come over so she did after her tuition n we all just hung out at my place till it was time to go to Tom's. we reached too early! so just sat down n tried to slept:) miffy wanted to go shopping cos the clothes she wore were not nice according to her so we walked to tun jugah! our shopping was unsuccessful so she wanted to go to riverside but thank Lord it started raining so we had to run back. when ham got there wif farah, everyone started screaming 'surprise'! hehe then the bday girl started crying n smiling. haha moving on, we got to the food later which was yummy! i love the spaghetti and chicken wings!! they even had my fave... ONION RINGS! hehe i haf no idea wat was wrong wif anisa cos she just HAD to share plates wif me.. :S well then we got to the dancing.. haha as usual i wasnt one of those whackos aka ham n sisters dancing! haha it was so crazy. the lights went off and the flashing green one went on. madness total madness :P

miffy just wanted to keep taking pics! i haf no idea how many we took tat nite! tons i suppose! anyway the party ended wif cake being smashed into farahs face then later mine. thanks to anisa i not only had again a hair full of oily cream n cake but she pushed me n i slipped on the creamy cakey floor! my right side pants was completely creamy! then miffy had to splash water all over me outside the bathroom. hehe fun but so dirty n messy! btw did i mention muz showed tis video clip of ham n farah dancing in Ciara's '1 2 step'. haha so funnny! so later my mum came to pick us up. she was complaining the car smelt of sardines or smtg when we got in. obviously it was the cake on my clothes n the cake on miffys hair n face:P fun! sigh wish we could haf more stuff like tat:) k LaTeRsSsss...