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Saturday, April 23, 2005
One Way Concert 11:27 PM

woohoo.. one way was fun man! haha i loved the jumping part. it felt like ntg mattered anymore.. only God! haha great feeling!:) only problem was it was soooo hot!! i keep asking miffy to go but in the end she couldnt make it n went to church instead for the usual saturday nite prayer meetings. wen i arrived.. i saw tons of ppl! but wen i got infront of the stage.. there were like four times more ppl!

saw lodgians.. and many other ppl from all different skools n stuff. it was pretty cool seeing soo many ppl turning up. esp when we started singing 'Best Friend'.. woooooo!! tat got the crowd on its feet! perfect timing cos joel n val just arrived so like i had buddies to jump wif! i shouted so loud till i nearly lost my voice but i still dun tink anyone heard me except joel who was rite beside me..:P anyway heeh i got so sweaty!! my throat was constantly dry from the yelling! anyway my parents came abit too early! the song 'One Way' rocked too! well i got home sweaty and tired but very happy! :P hahah well tats bout it.. tomolos Sports Day and my baptism! nervous? yes! haha k well LaTeRsSsss...