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Monday, April 25, 2005
Sports Dayy!! GO RED HOUSE! 1:19 AM

hhaahha red house won!! k k start wif the beginning.. woke up at 6am.. figured it was still too early to be up.. stayed in bed for 20mins then calculating the distance and time.. realised i should get up now! so woke up.. woke diana.. changed clothes.. got in the car.. realised.. im goin to get baptised.. today!! diana drove to church and at tat time there were already so many ppl there and it was only 7am! knelt infront of the stage as instructed and started praying. miffy still wasnt there! hmpf! late typical! haha jk!

well after the prayings, we walked up to the stage where there was this like square hole in the ground filled wif clear water. ahaah miffy was first and i was second haaahah and we were both like so nervous! hahah my palms got alil sweaty and i was just hoping to God He'll welcome me wif open arms. when miffy got in the water.. pastor prayed for her then slowly dipped her in the water. then she was up the next minute. some lady grabbed my hand and took me down. boy, was the water cold! but it was soo refreshing when pastor pushed me in. honestly im alil disappointed cos i sort of expected smtg... i dunoe.. im not complaining but i dunoe.. maybe i was expecting too much... anyway cynthia,jon,miffy and sophia followed my car to Jubilee Ground. there were already many many many ppl there! some were running some were cheering some were selling food! YUM! i havent eaten all day since saturday! had to prepare for the baptism.

anyway turns out my event, 4X400m was the 3rd last event! wahh.. need to wait sooo long! so during my free time i just silently thought of mean things to do to cikgu govin for kicking me off 2 events! hehe jk jk jk! i just hang out wif phoebs wandering around. thank God the nuggets werent bad! heehe ok so skipping all the interesting details which im too lazy to type.. saw many ppl running.. cheered like mad for them! weather was sooo hot! ham got 2nd last for 1500m but at least she din get last la :) so she joined me as a supporter of all colours! hmm it was kinda fun but hot too! i got so nervous i drank so much water! and i din use the toilet cos ham told me it was sickeningly GROSS! the boys toilet adour could be sniffed from outside! yuccck! so we get this announcement tat red house and blue house is tied! ahah so we're so psyched tat we cheer louder! haha but so many ppl got injured.. grace was crying i tink.. when she finished first for.. err.. some event. hmm mel fainted once.. hmm nurjas had some injury.. couple of ppl nearly fainted as well.. its soo scary to see them like suddenly collapsing on the ground.

well thank God it started raining in the last few events. it was a miracle! hahah it got heavy then light again! darnit! when wong smtg passed me the baton (how to spell? :P) i just sprinted immediately! wrong move!! i wanted to slow down but elvina was like just infront of me and i wanted to pass her so badly. not to mention the rain had left big puddles at the side of the track and i got all wet when i stepped on them. i was afraid to even slip! so i just tried catching up but keeping up wif elvina was already a problem!! i haf no idea how she could just keep running constantly at tat pace! so like half way i was kind of struggling then the last lap WOAH! i couldnt feel my legs! literally the feeling in my legs vanished! ppl were cheering for their houses but i couldnt hear a thing at tat time! i nearly stopped cos i was so tired.. all i was tinking was 'geraldine grab the stupid baton and run!'

i fell to the wet ground, panting like mad! saw blur figures of boys and girls. heard familiar voices. started seeing familiar faces. remained on the ground. lost all feelings in legs. heard jeff wee saying move so the runners could run properly. wow thanks mr wee. i am fine. thanks for caring! started wobbling alittle but had joel to lean on. thanks buddy! haha i got so bored i threw my cup of disgusting tastless ice milo on ham just for fun! haah too bad it splashed and hit jeff wee and miffy. luckily jeff wee was surprising in a good mood so he didnt yell at me! too bad miffy wasnt in the mood. recieved a slap! ouuch! :P oh well skipping everything again.. wait RED HOUSE WON! gerald lee announced to everyone! hahah took some pics for the skool magazine and left. ate delicious baku teh and took a 4hr nap! :) so overall it was a good day :D