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Thursday, April 14, 2005
Training to run! 9:04 PM

heyy.. haha today we had PJK which was running 4X400m... wah so fun! very competitve man! the fastest time among the form2s is 64seconds.. my group got 68seconds!!! arggh!! my group consist of Sam,Zoe,Joyce and myself. reaally fun :) my leg 'muscles' aches like mad after running... havent put them to much use in a long time :P... quite tiring man! under the hot hot HOT sun again! later become black like ham.. :P hahah jk! well anyway ham and i agreed to train again after skool on the tat day but before we get to tat part.. lets go back to COMPUTER period! hahahah!

computer time was soooo fun! the work cikgu nelson gave wasnt very difficult so i finished it without the HELP OF JOYCE cos she went high or smtg and just got lazy.. lol luckily wasnt hard work or i die lor! anyway after i was done we all got around in a group and played the ever-popular game of 'DARE'.. its so fun! we dare each other to do the most disgusting/hilarious things! :P hahaha ok my dare was to pull down Tim's pants which was so baggy and practically falling off anyway so i did! haha it was much easier than last week's which was to grab Joshua's arse giggling like a retarded 10yr old or smtg. lol anyway haahah i pulled down tims pants like 3 or 4 times cos they all dared me to. when i say 'they' of cos i mean radhie,ham and joel and phoebs... haha ok anyway later was joels turn which was to 'accidentally' hit geraldines chest. lol he din do it! geraldine got suspicious in time.. hehe so in the end he hit me! but thank God he only got my arm!(tats when we made the rule 'cannot touch the ppl in are daring') hheehe then it was rads turn which was to.. well similar to joels i guess

only he failed because sharifah realised smtg was wrong. hehe so he went for phoebs! Ewwww!! rite on target!! and rad started laughing so hard his veins popped out and his mouth just opened really really big wif no sound coming out. lol very funny when tat happens.. and phoeb! phoeb was smiling! TALK BOUT CREEPY! haha jk! anyway phoebs dare was to rub her chest against the cheekist guy in class, Ashley Lee. haha i din dare her to do tat! it was joel and rad! AND SHE DID IT! omg! i cant believe she did it! if it was me i would haf said NO! but she did it and gave a very cheeky smile! Ewwww! Ashley just sat back smiling! EWWW!! ahhaah so in the end was HAMs turn! heahaha since we all noe ham and franklin have this major THING goin on between them.. we dared her into grabbing his arse like last week. lol ahah franklin obviously sensed smtg cos Keith just had to run over and shout 'COme on HAM! Franklin's here!' .. fOooooooOOOoooL!

so like franklin got suspicious and cornered his arse to the wall shouting for cikgus assistants.. lol retard so in the end we settled for Joshua and Moses! hahaahah! ham went over and just wif a quick giggle pinched joshua hunkilicious buttock and ran off smiling like a freak! lol seriously.. wats goin on wif them? im getting suspicious.. lol jk! anyway just before we left class, ham was forced to grab moses's! actually i tink she wanted to! poor girl getting hornier each day:P.. hahah

k k so later we went training and i saw miffy there! she was wif cassandra.. so we just started running.. seriously had to train for sports day man.. so after 2rounds.. rest rest chat wif miffy.. run abit wif her but too tired liaw.. so later val and joel came and we all went to Unishop for the yummy oily fattening burger! :P hehe so yummy.. din eat the whole day! so in the end, we din run anymore.. later grow tat worm in ur tummy! instead we took pictures!! hehe wif miffys camera.. nah u can see down here. btw i just heard my baptismal day is the same as sports day! eeek! so screwed! hopefully i get baptised in time for the 1500m... aduh hope got time!!!! well cya LaTeRsSsss...

me miffy and ham just hanging out :P in the park

joel and miffy... hmm getting pretty close arent they? lol jk

haha the dork side of valentio! who would haf known? haha sry val