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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Are women the weaker sex? HELL NO! 10:53 PM

haha wow i havent blogged for awhile eh? hmm well today we had the english oral test thingy which we were suppose to partner somebody and discuss any topic. i partnered wif phoebs cos every project we partner each other so tis is no different. it was pretty normal.. we had acouple of days to prepare and stuff. so like the first few ones were alrite i guess. they were pretty nervous esp joey and clement. joey couldnt even face the class properly lol ~boys~! hahah anyway peggys one wif steph was pretty funny. peggy has a really loud voice! lol she just said out really loud the whole thing.

so after theirs was phoebs and me turn so we went. phoeb said the intros and stuff then we just started debating infront of everyone just like normal. btw our topic was 'Are Women The Weaker Sex?'. phoeb, the traitor hehe jk was siding the men whereas i was wif the women! duh GIRL POWER! ahah ok all i remember is we started casually but ended wif the class in laughter :) the best thing is to haf ppl laugh at something u do cos it just makes the whole thing fun to do in the end. i ended up having a great time infront of everyone wif phoebs. here are some things we said and 'some' errors i said :$ gimme a break! i said everything from tat exact moment.. had so little time to even tink! phoeb just kept on talking! eeeks! cant let the men win!!!

phoebs : do u see women in fire departments? NO! all of them are men becos women are
too afraid! and the presidents! like for example america! all men!

sandra : women are too busy at home trying to raise good citizens to become......GOOD CITIZENS! the president is useless now tat all the citizens are good! ..... (understand i got alil loss of words tat i repeated 3times)

another argument....

phoebs : look at the famous men like Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein! without them we would still be living in the darker times!

sandra : oh yaeh?! how bout Cleopatra?!?! she was so great tat she even managed to manipulate her husband Julius Caesar and eventually ended up ruling................

(so i started tinking bout 'Rome' and 'Egypt'.. true cleo was from egypt but she married julius who is from rome so i was tinking which one? hahah so i just said...)

.... THE COUNTRY! (note: the whole class started laughing cos they too knew i was confused/lost)

another argument later....

Miss Su : women are more busy than men. taking care of the babies and their beauty and stuff so they obviously dun haf much time running a country so tats y they are rarely any presidents and in some countries the goverment wont allow women to be presidents. so we should look at both sides of it.

phoebs : *speechless* *not sure wat to say next*

sandra : Exactly! exactly! tats rite! exactly! *extremely grateful by the rescue*

hahahahaha..at the end of the whole 'discussion'.. everyone clapped and laughed. i felt really comfortable infront of everyone now.. probably thanks to joseph :) it was a nice feeling to see everyone laughing and knowing tat they enjoyed our discussion. but the best part was at the end when Miss Su said aloud 'Phoebe and Sandra, straight As!' woohoo!!! :P k well i got a sejarah test tomolo and a geo one on friday so better study! hahah thanks for reading and haf a nice day! :P LaTeRsSsss...