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Friday, May 20, 2005
A breakthrough 5:39 PM

haahahhaahhahahaahahhahahaha.... im soooo happpy today.. u wanna noe why? :P hahahah ok wait wait well.. as u all noe.. my sejarah grade is always dropping and my highest ever for sejarah was 70% in some class test.. but today.. tats changed! i got a 96%!!!! i got 24/25 questons right!! wooohoooo!!!! hahah i had a good feeling when mrwong walked in the room but i din wan to get myself too happy incase my feelings were wrong. first he said out 'Noor Saara.. Sandra Ngu! Well done!'... wah.. i was like sooo happy.. noor and i got the highest mark in class. wow i was tied to noor! the smartest girl since like forever! :O hahah so pleased!! i beated so many smart ppl! ppl who always beated me in so many subjects! mwahaaha!

haha jk jk it was just a nice feeling. i felt tat i could get good marks for this particular chapter bcos it just kind of interested me. it was just some stuff bout swak and how James Brooke arrived and stuff. heeh anyway we played 'captains ball' again today. hope they never finish the watever thing they are building at the football field! :P i tink its a outdoor bball court and a tennis court.. not quite sure. anyway my team lost again! eeek! hahaha nvm la :P

heheh the guys had their 'talk' tis afternoon after the geo test. btw geo was alrite alrite la.. but i dun haf any good feelings bout it :) ok so the guys were like pretty psyched and pumped bout this 'sex talk' thing tat mrlee is making compulsory to males/females. ever since 7 couples got caught or smtg..mrlee tinks its time we knew wat we were doing. so the guys turn was today the girls would be nxt wednesday i tink. heeh so later on they came back all grossed out and some were actually quite worried. the professor guy showed them all this gruesome but realistic pics of like males/females private parts and the diseases and the of cos results! hahaha rad said the girls one looked so rotten and had black stuff growing around it. hahah kinda funny but the guys took it quite seriously!

like Frederick.. the prof's words were alil jumbled up so his explanation wasnt rite. he said sweat could cause HIV or smtg. touching as well or some crap like tat so fred came bck and jumped at every feminie contact tat touched him. he looked really scared. i dunoe wat the heck some of them were saying but it was surely bout diseases tat were dangerous and stuff but MissSu later explained properly tat some of them wouldnt kill us and were common! like the sweat thing wasnt true at all.

it was pretty freaky cos like MissSu was talking to us bout sex and stuff. not the cheeky stuff or anything just a very logical and normal explanation. she said guys generally (not all guys!) when they want sex they get sex but for girls they tend to make it romance or smtg. we spend nearly the entire period talking bout tis. she was trying her best to clear things up so there wouldnt be confusion. so after the whole talk, we just resumed bck to Tom Sawyer where Tim and Joel did a great roleplay :D kinda funny and strangely the chapter we were discussing was bout romance where Joel i mean Tom kissed Tim i mean Becky. lol funnny :) oh well im tired so LaTeRsSsss...