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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Gospel Of John 5:50 PM

hahaha i took marisa to the friday nite youth last week.. haha it was soo much better to haf there wif me. miffys always surrounded by her mob of friends so i felt so happy tat marisa was there wif me :) hahaha but i dun tink she was as thrilled as i was.. she looked uneasy. hahah anyway she was so shy and everytime i looked at her i just had this enormouse smile on my face. lol hahah shes so funny :) well we sang and worshipped till later on where there was this rearrangement of groups and im finally in a group :P hahah i noe so sakai :P hahaha well anyway marisa n charleys in my group! yayy! but too bad miffys not :( .. wah my group members are so friendly! they all kept asking for my name n constantly exchanged smiles. my leader is siew qiong.. cant really pronounce properly.. well anyway we talked for awhile then left.

then on sunday i woke up at 10am but my auntie still wasnt here so i had time to get dressed and stuff. she arrived at 10.30am then we went to the kopitiam to eat breakfast. hmm i was kinda nervous bcos i wasnt sure whether i was gona give my testimony or not. my pastor said sundays time would be very limited so tat wasnt exactly a yes or no but i got ready for it anyway. after worshipping i purposely asked my auntie to sit at the back cos i was afraid to sit infront. then much later miffy walked in wif her fellow church friend. i was so surprised cos usually shes earlier than me! anyway after church i asked her and she told me she went to the first service (i got 2nd)... then i asked her whether she was goin to the movie thing tat was showing at my church tonite at 6pm. she said yes but i was still not sure whether i was goin for i had a family dinner.

after 'negotiating' wif miffy i in the end went. found quite alot of ppl there alraedy and the movie already started. i scanned the dark floor and found a familiar bright blue shorts. sat down bside her and she just dropped her head on my right arm. i figured she was tired or smtg but when i started feeling drips of water falling on my hand i looked at her and she was crying! i was kinda :S then she told me pastor had just scolded her very loudly infront of everyone afew mins before i arrived. i was kinda sad cos like she was crying and then when she told me bout it i listened making me miss out the few parts of the movie called 'Gospel of John'. i was kinda shocked when she said pastor shouted at her infront of everyone. i always thought he was... was.. well nicer than tat.

i felt kinda helpless as she cried and wiped her face on my shirt!! hahah yea my shirt! but i din really bother bout tat at the time. i tried comforting her and she thank God stopped crying after awhile and resumed to her normal crazy self. i tried focusing on the movie cos it was important and at the same time try to cheer miffy up. she kept leaning on me like i was a pillow or smtg and bsides tat she was a fussy one! she kept shifting her head here and there including my legs here and there. either way she finally stopped moving and watched the movie. din take long for her to get restless again. anway when it was 9pm we started praying and worshipping God. it was kinda nice cos like it felt like one of those sunday mornings only it was at nite! :) and not to mention i nearly lost my voice after all tat singing and praying. i din bring any water!! :( well i finally left at 12am! haha my mum and my auntie were waiting for me and i felt so paiseh for making them wait so long. they arrived at like 11.30pm? anyway boy was i tired after tat.. tink i slept like a pig.. lol LaTeRsSsss...