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Monday, May 30, 2005
hols.. woohoo.. not 2:31 PM

i am so freaking bored! went out after teachers day.. tat was kinda fun..watched house of wax.. haha scary movie so much blood.. but the ending was cool. came back nxt morning got fever -_-"..so sien! whole body was heating up and had a killer headache. so went to church and came back HEALED! HALLELUYAH HALLELUYAH! :P

went to church..so many ppl..went home..watch tv till got ntg esle to watch..thank God OC and Lost were on!! saved my life! woke up today.. hot.. bored.. hahaha i noe i complain so much lol.. no la im very very grateful and happy im feeling fine again.. sigh being sick sounds fun but its NOT! anyway heres some pics from teachers day.. enjoy.. LaTeRsSss..

sighs someones missing here.. :(

look!my other family! :P

haha phoebs,rach,me and ham just u noe being vain ;)