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Sunday, May 22, 2005
Star Wars 5:07 PM

last nite i skipped church and went to the premier of star wars. sighh we all planned to meet at 3pm but haha in the end only 2ppl showed up. hehe feel so bad..im not one of them.. well diana drove and star was packed! saw many familiar faces.. waited and charged in when they opened the doors. everyone kept pushing from behind.. nearly squashed gwenda :$ lol.. well we managed to get acouple of seats. i was between ham and rad. lol nxt to rad was mic's lil annoying bro. lol so funny kept disturbing rad the whole nite. lol rad wont be a good dad nxt time. lol keep scolding him lol so retarded. me and ham kept on laughing the whole time. the movie wasnt suppose to be funny but ham kept stuffing the popcorn down her shirt. so funny.. make me laugh so loud.. so scared the ppl around us scold lol :P

well ok so like halfway throught the movie, miffy smsed me saying shes bored and at some boring dinner. so trying to block my hp light, we just talked awhile then she told me she was coming! and there were no seats left! so wtvr la then later she arrived and i had to squeeze through to get out. lol i fell so many times and sat on joeys leg lol and squashed someones foot! sry whoever u r! haah we ran around and when we got in the cinema we couldnt find any seats! there were afew empty ones but i was sure someone was sitting there. so in the end, boh pian go sit nxt to diana choo. eeek! first time talk to her arr. she said 'the ppl are coming back later like towards the end of the movie' so miffy and i were like ok la haah but everytime someone opened the door, we both panicked alil incase was the ppl mah

haha in the end, they showed up too early! we quickly got off and sat on the steps. ahaha we were totally embarrassed! miffy hid her face and kept laughing so loud! the ppl around kept looking at us so i told her to shuddup! lol i was laughing also la.. so paiseh!!! in the end we ran out AGAIN and decided wat to do. i suggested the arcade but then i tink again waste money nia the ticket so miffy feel bad la cos she din buy ticket but i did so.. we saw farah n anisa outside too so we talked to them. ahahha anisa! havent seen her since my bday party.. lol she gave me a big hug! :').. haha too much love man :P hahah they said there were plenty of empty seats in hall 4 so we went in there to watch.. not long later! miffys guardian called and was downstairs already. so for the dunoe-how-many-times-already we got up and i followed her downstairs. ahahah tink she felt bad cos i missed most of the movie haah kept saying 'sorry sorry'. lol nvm la.. if she din come i tink i would haf gotten bored of the movie anyways.. 3hours man!! crazy!

went back upstairs.. squeezed through to my seat. damn embarrassing cos hit alot of ppl including stepped on many ppl. heheh sat on joey again.. stepped on hams toes.. lol funny but embarrassing. less than 10mins after i sat down.. 'DUM DUM DUM..-THE END-'.... -_-" hahahah! :P fun nite but tiring la! went to blings afterwards.. surprised no lodgians there. yummy mango drink.. yummy! fell asleep in the car.. immediately went to sleep after.. so tired! whew.. star wars.. not really my fave movie.. :D LaTeRsSsss...