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Monday, May 23, 2005
Swak Club 9:42 PM

woke up at 9am smtg to let miffy in. too early.. sighs.. was kinda blurry/sleepy. went to eat breakfast wif my pars and miffy. perfect timing cos we went to the shop near 'hidden treasure' and i wanted to get zoe's bday pressie. it was this piece of brown paper titled 'Today's Advices'. below are tons of boxes filled wif advise in them like for example 'treat everyone wif respect' or 'cherish every happy moment'. i tink zoe mite like it :) lets hope so! :D i got joel the same thing only it was titled 'Dont Quit!'. i figured joel had lotsa probs and i just figured this thing hanging on his wall mite help alil :)

went to club. lotsa ppl already there. rach,peg,phoebs were already at the food table doing their project. miffy was sooooooooooooooooo demanding! she kept saying 'i wanna swim! i wanna swim!'.. i felt like a mum :P thanks to everyone esle. they all kept calling me 'big mama'... grrrr! so in the end, ham borrowed their swimming suit to miffy. she even took awhile just getting in the pool!! lol she was shy or smtg cos joel was like staring! lol haha jk

i got alil hungry so phoeb ordered 2 plates of tomato mee.(duh one is for miffy!) quite yummy. so many ppl were there. rach,ham,phoeb,ash,keiths,joel,kim,peg,rad,crystal,cheryl,sharifah and sam i tink tats all of them. lol we all planned to 'do our project' but i tink we spent less than 2% of our time there actually doing some work. joel was playing tennis and i thought he was insane cos it was soooo hot! bball was a bust cos we had no ball! hahaha damn! :P so we just ate and talked and walked around. the media room was kinda cosy. the aircond saved my life! we spend the entire morning eating,walking,sitting and talking. tat got alil boring after awhile ;) then alison came and alex came wif a bball. whoopee!! we all went down to play even thought the weather was reallly really really HOT! less than 10mins of just shooting around, we gave up and alison offered to buy us all drinks. yayy!

a 7up-sprite sounded great at tat time. keith decided to eat something so he ordered my fave!! fito misto! haha i tink tats how u spell it :P its this bread thing tat is sweet on the outside but hot and cheesy on the inside. :) hahah kinda tinking bout it now makes me wanna eat it the nxt time i go to club. yummmy. lol then we went to play bball again but the form5s were playing full court :( so we wen back again to eat again. lol swak club really doesnt haf much to do. lol ate chiews foood :P haha cos he was playing bball mah.. lol feel so bad.. we divided everything in four equal parts lol for me,rad,miffy and alison. hahah so hot! then later i played against alison and miffy cos radhie went to play wif the guys. lol it was sooo hot!

and i felt so fat! lol run for awhile already so tired! :P hahah managed to score afew balls woohooo.. sigh but felt soooo tired. diana came again later and i left wif alisons card member in my pocket! she told me to help her keep and i just forgot it was still there :D haha got scolded by diana in the car for wat being late 2mins! :( sisters! went homeee miffy showed me her web and some stuff then later diana drove her bck cos her guardian was coming quite late to pick her up. wow i felt so sleepy man.. after a good cold shower i was like ready for bed! dropped miffy off and slept in the car. came bck slept for less than an hour on the sofa. woke up for family dinner wif.. family la. :) so much food.. feel so fat now :P hahah k well 'Summerland's gona be on soon so LaTeRsSsss...