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Friday, June 24, 2005
busy busy busy.. 11:44 PM

hahah busy busy busy.. lol exams r just nxt week!! eeeks! hmm been kinda busy lately.. wow i had a great weekend last week... friday nite i wen to youth nite which was pretty cool.. hmm saturday morning for the first time wen to cikguwongs tuition.. even changed my days to saturdays for now onwards cos can go out rite after.. haha cikguwongs place is somewhere near town. heheh rach n ham changed too so like whoopee!! haha sooo many ppl la.. then cikguwong PMS again.. dunoe y she so grumpy.. yuck man! i sat closest to the board so wen she was teaching i could actually feel her saliva raining on me.. frigging gross!

anywayys we went out later to pick up Joel then off to hams place. rach din go tho.. she was busy or smtg. hmm we hung out at hams place for abit then drove to coffeebean. wahliew radhie sucks man! hahha jk buddy.. we waited like 3hrs for him but i guess he had his reasons so its cool.. gave us alot of time to just talk bout everything.. life.. etc. ham and joel were pretty cool.. we just sat there for a long time just talking and talking.. sighh tat was fun :) we intended to watch 'batman begins' but we din wana go in yet cos rad still wasnt there.. sighs so in the end we walked to star cos the cacat lady on the phone said the movie was starting at blah blah.. but turned out WRONG! grrr.. called val n marisa... then rad arrived wif his bro n wafie.. hmm

haha we made hams dream come true! hahah we sat on the stupiak sampan.. so expensive la!! RM1.00!! then later wen we came bck on 20cents!! haha rusydie was rite bout speaking in BM so dun seem like orang sakai or tourist.. haha quite fun but hot! aduh i saw marisas foot today for the first time.. some stupiak foot doc burnt her heel by accident or he was just plain stupid or smtg hahaha but marisa din feel ANYTHING! HAHAh so weird.. so like it was all red and yellow and black.. eeeyyee creeepy! lol then we went round tun jugah then left la. so tired la rite after tat i go to church again.. feel so sleepy and itchy cos walk the whole day! :)

sunday morning came.. breakfast.. church.. oh yea my pars werent here so my cousin came over and took us everywhere even tho now diana could drive :) haha but its ok la.. wtvr.. 2 drivers are better than 1.. hahah jk!! lol so fast the weekend ended.. then monday morning! and now is already friday nite! the end of another busy weekday.. sighs.. oh yea tat nite was sooo fun.. i wen to some church persons house for the singing practice thing.. haha so fun :) cynthia and charlene were there too.. hehe so happy.. cynthias so funny and fun :P miffy called marvin.. muffin.. lol so funny couldnt understand a thing she was saying.. '..muffin muffin..' heeh then sing and eat some bubur thingy.. quite nice and to tink i had 2nd thoughts bout goin.. and i was so late! 1hr late! i was at hams house watching some funny movie.. 'u dumb water-drinker.. stupid barbeque-lover' hahahaha damn funny.. miss su asked us to put some photos in a cd for the skool mag but all the pics only had US in them so ahah only our pics will be in the mag.. AHAHAHA coool :P oh and the pics from the magazines came today.. got my class.. bball.. and CHEERLEADING! hahahahah i noe!! hehehe wait wait i was in the cheerleading photo bcos i just wanted to be in the photo! hahah rad was in too! the ppl were alil desperate cos not enough ppl to carry the ppl.. lol so i had to carry some thin looking but really heavy girl.. nvr judge a book by its cover ;).. wahliew she kept laughing again.. keep vibrating.. so annoying and shes kinda smelly.. lol i noe its mean but still.. YUCK MAN! so heavy.. lol i felt so big cos i kept tumbling around.. haha damn funny.. and fun but at least the pics came out not bad..

everyone kept laughing at me cos my whole face wen red and my hair was messed up completely wen we were practising.. lol but it was worth it.. can look bck one day and say 'i was a cheerleader'.. hahah sort of ;) tonite was youth nite again and pastor was onstage again(normally he doesnt attend youth nites).. he kept talking bout if the world was to end one day.. would we be saved? tat got me tinking.. would we? he said we must haf faith and truly believe.. so i sat there tinking.. do i haf faith? do i truly believe? will my name be reserved in heaven? well lets hope so.. i haf faith :) very thankful.. to tink i nearly gave up on christ.. hmm happy to be given a 2nd chance.. thanks.. :P.. hahah well LaTeRsSsss...