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Sunday, June 26, 2005
hehe mixture of fun,lame,stupid,dumb and did i mention extremely high? 10:52 PM

hahahahahahah stupid nite last nite.. wen to the rotary dinner thingy.. btw i still haf no idea wat the whole dinner was bout.. :S lol yea so alena,joel n rads were there already pinning corsages on strangers.. lol sounds like fun eh?? :P it was ok i guess.. just tat i jabbed myself 2times :'(.. lol some ppl their clothes is SO THICK! its so annoying jsut trying to pin it on! joel was holding the basket for donations.. haha tats an embarrassing job.. so paiseh go ask ppl for money.. i mean DONATIONS lol..

overall it was pretty fun.. we sat down.. and i just realised joel is the lamest person i noe.. haha and i tink someone drugged the mango juice or smtg cos we all wen high! literally.. just kept on laughing at the same joke for like 2-3mins.. lol alena is amazing talented in fake laughing.. she laughed at everything joel said.. lol.. kinda weird.. hmm?? ;) hahah jkk.. there was this one girl joel said wen laughed her nose expanded bigger than rads(;)) and her eyes wen really small.. lol some st3s were sitting at our table and the teacher kept on eavesdropping on our conversation.. kinda creepy.. rad.. rad is so charming.. haha and joel was like so jealous of all the attention rad was getting.. then they both starting arguing.. lol kinda stupid arguement.. sheesh.. boys.. r boys.. sighs! anyways it was kinda fun.. hardly felt like we spent 4hrs there.. later everyone left.. sighs..

haha joel was following me bck cos his dad was busy or smtg and we just kept on laughing and laughing outside the restaurant.. lol i nearly piss in my pants.. lol joel was so annoying! he tried acting like a really really REALLY sad rapper.. and he realy sucked... hahah so funny.. messed around wif the menus.. then drove homeee! so tired.. fell rite asleep after. :)hmmm just got bck from church.. soo fun.. we sang and ate.. cynthia was my buddy the whole nite.. charley was high i tink.. she kept on laughing.. lol gilaa.. miffy was so mean! she scratched my arms till they were bleeding alil.. so bad! :'( dunoe y she always so bad to me.. :'( LaTeRsSsss...

several of the lame moments we shared..
(talking bout why alena chose Art-Side)
joel: wat u wana be wen u're older?
alena: i wana grow up to be hot..
(followed by laughter)
sandra: u wan to grow up to be a wat?! a DOG?! (the music was too old.. couldnt hear wat she said :P)
dunoe y but tat just funny to them so they all laughed at me.. :(

joel: eh guys look.. the girl opposite me.. her nose expands raelly big wen she laughs.. and her eyes goe sooo tiny..
rad&sandra: yea rite.. (observe) olly! it really does!
hahaha stupiak.. olly form4s newest most used word
so we created our won.. DOGGIE.. haha so lame i noe..

sandra: eh eh the teacher is listening la.. shuddup joel!
alena: lets give her a nickname.. ANNIE!
joel: how bout SANDRA?!
rad: i noe i noe.. DONNA!
alena: donna..?
joel explain..
sandras annoyed... again..

alena: eh go pin the corsage on tat lady.. shes waiting for someone i tink
rad: hello miss.. would u like a corsage?
lady: yea sure.. and its madam
rad: oh im sry.. i called it miss cos u look so young
lady: thank u thank u