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Friday, June 03, 2005
the hols suck if u got ntg to do :) 11:26 PM

heyyy... hahah frigging bored.. lol bet everyones like tat anyway.. at least i haf afew stuff to look forward to.. hmm like going to church during the weekends.. hmm wat esle? oh yea maybe heading down to damai nxt week wif hams crazy family.. hahah yea tat'll be great i can tell.. tat is my mum actually allows me to go.. :( .. the last time i went out wif ham.. i came back wif a fever -_-"... lol so yea u get the picture.. nah to be honest tats just an excuse for my mum.. she doesnt like me going out at all.. then again are there any parents tat enjoy their kids goin out when instead they could be hitting the books?

im very very lucky and thankful cos my pars let me out wif my fds who btw at tat time were all guys.. to watch movies and stuff when i was just 12yrs i tink.. if i was my mum i wouldnt let me out but i was soo stubborn tat when now tat i tink bout it.. i could haf just kicked myself for being so damn rebellious. my pars... my poor pars.. sigh they've done so much for me.. how do i repay them? i show up wif a sulky annoying face.. grr.. now i really feel like punching myself... stupid me..

hmm nowadays im trying to be good again.. hehe but i still occassionally go out wif my fds.. ;) hahah theres no possible way i can stand being home the entire hols wif ntg to do... i mean come on!! tats just pure torture! :P thank God i haf such nice pars.. sometimes i tink they spoil me alil but i always remember to behave and appreciate them so i dun let it all go to my head. my pars rock! hahah ok ermm anyway moving on.. just came bck from church.. wah.. i've been there from the beginning of the year and i just started to make some fds.. other than miffy of cos.. my leader siew chin i tink.. is pretty cool and friendly.. hahah then theres this other guy aaron i tink.. he was in my bm tuition in pri6 but i tink he forgot.. oh well.. church is pretty fun ya noe? :D its just u can get alil lonely sometimes.. so its best if u go wif a buddy.. diana was my buddy for tonite. usually she doesnt go on friday nites but tonite her tuition was postphoned so lucky me :)

i kinda dread friday nites bcos i noe im just gona be alone.. i hate being alone.. honestly its the worst feeling ever in the world so everyone dun ever be alone! dun be a loner! its just not fun watsoever.. its terribly boring and just DULL! my church ppl are actually very friendly but sometimes i dun really make any attempts to make friends cos of my shyness and all.. but if u try alil they can be quite accepting :) some of them are really friendly too.. hahah but word of advise.. better to learn chinese first hahah cos lots of them do! i feel like a retard or smtg cos im chinese but i cant speak it! but hey HEY im learning alrite?!!?!? :P

well alil but u noe baby steps man.. :) hahah i can speak alil now and i understand better compared to last time.. now i can roughly understand wat the speaker is talking bout sometimes but other times its all a blur to me :|.. lol sigh hafta get a translater la.. hmm oh well.. happy gawai.. :) LaTeRsSsss...