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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
i need u guys... im dying wifout u ppl 1:45 AM

... i feel so.. lonely rite now.. miffys acting weird.. we dun talk tat much or hang out as often cos.. i dunoe.. sighs.. and they said relationships were complicated... -_-".. i cant even figure out friendships! tried calling ham today.. shes still in singapore i guess cos her hp is out.. she wrote me a testi today.. :) talking bout rubbish :P.. glad she hasnt forgotten me.. felt like forever since we last hung out.. rad invited me to rafies bday party but.. i haf some wedding dinner thing to go to. it was terrible.. i mean besides being completely bored out of my mind..

i dunoe i just suddenly missed ham, joel,miffy, marisa and rad so much.. i just started tinking bout them and the stuff we did.. lol good times.. fun times.. wont forget them.. now.. joels still in NZ.. rads busy wif his life.. miffys.. i dunoe wats wrong.. one minute we're talking fine nxt.. she just leaves me alone..oh well.. :(.. anyway marisas in indonesia.. havent talked to her for quite long

i mean we're still tight but i guess shes busy or smtg cos we dun talk as often.. hmm miss all of them like hell.. just wished we could go bck and just hang out altogether like we used to.. are we changing? cos i really hate it if we are.. without my fds.. i dunoe.. im just empty.. just tis nearly past 2weeks i felt so bored.. lonely.. cant call anyone.. everyones away or too busy.. :'(.. im just glad skools starting again.. really glad.. i just hope things will go back to normal once the hols are over..

i miss my fds.. where are u guys? i need yall.. LaTeRsSsss...