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Thursday, June 09, 2005
kuching.. the city tat always sleeps 11:57 PM

went to church last nite.. pretty fun.. the leader was so funny.. he kept doing funny impressions bout the song we were singing for the singing competition in my church.. hahah its in june or july i tink.. nvr could understand exactly wat everyone was saying.. speaking in chinese and all but good to say i tink my chinese is improving.. :P hahah we sang the song over and over again for 3hrs! but u would tink it got boring.. time sort of just flew by.. church.. hmm be better if i had a fd to go wif.. sighs still trying to fit in.. not as easy as u would tink.. :(

anyway went out today wif diana's fds.. intended to watch Mr&Mrs Smith but due to star's excellent service the movie was cancelled.. :| how disappointing.. was really looking forward to MMS.. the advertisement looked cool :) .. we waited in the cinema for like half an hour only then the ppl had the sense to come in and tell everyone the movie was cancelled.so annoying.. some guy behind me stood up and started complaining loudly at the woman. some others joined in so guess he wasnt the only impatient one. lol stupid man.. cant tell us earlier.. make us sit there and wait and wait.. so anyway walked around tun jugah but there wasnt anything to do there either. kch seriously need some upgrading.. sighs.. wat i give if there were like some amusement parks or smtg here.. :P haha proper amusement parks! not the ones tat looked extremely fragile and scary like if u sat on it.. the whole thing would collapse or smtg

nahh at least we haf some entertainment... :) lalalalalaaa im bored.. hmmmmm.. skools starting soon.. wonder if anyones changed.. i noe its just 2 weeks but it seemed like 2 months since i last saw everyone.. miss the noise in class.. miss the ppl in class.. surprisingly i miss the teachers as well.. hahah damn sad lol i noe.. miss the quietness when everyones studying.. miss the atmosphere.. hahahah wats wrong wif me?!! 'The best times of a persons life is when they're in skool'.. my cousin told me tat once after a stressful day of work. hmmm got me tinking she was rite so guess i should make most of my time in skool while im still in skool.. :D hahahah proud to be a lodgian.. LaTeRsSsss...