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Monday, July 18, 2005
busyyyy... so busyy.. 5:59 PM

lalala.. so busy la.. time fly by so fast.. hmm exams over.. wah i counted my average.. aduh.. hope i can get a B la.. sien.. hmmm well.. lets see.. we won the match against St.3.... woohoo! lol thanks to sineado la.. she helped lots and april too la.. hmm wat esle? oh yea.. lena came bck! woohoo!! my big sis finally returned! :D haha sighs.. for the last time.. :(... till nxt year la duh! ;) hmm shes fun.. we took some pics too.. just before she left.. sighs.. gona miss her! :)

hmmm... so my pars went to KL wif her.. then.. hmm the whole weekend all to diana and I.. woohoo!! hahaha jk.. hmm friday nite was the charity screening thingy.. of Fantastic Four.. went wif phoebs,joey,keith,val and joel. kinda fun.. the movie was alrite i guess.. i tink everyone(the girls esp) agrees wif me wen they say the HumanTorch aka hottie is soooo cutee! hahah.. the whole movie i was tinking.. 'crap show the hottie!' haha so dumb.. heheh jk jk.. jessica alba quite pretty also leh.. cool.. hmm.. after tat we all wen to McDs.. so hungry mah.. came bck straight frm skool boh.. shower then go already.. hmm bought the wristband thingy.. haha kinda nicee but so many ppl wearing it la.. the AND1 one.. sighs i start new fashion!

i wear the cheap McDs one!! haha promote McD! ;P damn sad.. but the colour is nicee lehh.. mines green wif a stripe of white. kinda cool but joel said its super lame.. hmm.. -_-"... and he bought like 2-3! wat a jack! :P .. hmm wat esle? .. saw ham and her buddies at coffeebean. wen over and woah.. recieved an enormous huge frm anisa. hahaha lovee ya too dude! :) so sad she already left... sighs.. :(... aha oh well she'll be bck soon.. kch will hafta just try to move on without her i guess.. sighs... haha if u're reading anisa.. TOTALLY NOT MAN!! :P.. damn boreed

sineado,dex and the whole lot were there.. omg man.. before i knew it.. some 'tall thin black tongkat' punched my boobs and ran off screaming 'THOUSAND POINTS!'... shit.. i shout so loud till the customers quite terkejut also.. haha paiseh! ham is such a retard. i dunoe y but i guess she was REALLY bored cos she and her AFRO sis made this PAINFUL game of punching ppls boobs,grabbing their arses and privates for points.. haha yea it sounds gross but its really fun!! hahaha.. hurts like hell though.. :'(.. i guess its bcos ham doesnt have any boobs tats y shes jealous of other ppls ones.. like MINE! hahahahahaahahah jk jk jk.. really booreed ;P

anyways keith was sitting alone waiting for his car so i pity him la.. sit wif him till like 10.30pm like tat then finally his mum came. wah.. i sit and talk to him.. tink tats the longest convo i ever had wif keith.. haha my cutee chubby buddy.. hmm then on sunday.. we were suppose to throw rad&phoebs their surprise party but.. rad din show and phoebs came early then left.. cos of some piano lesson.. so i was the only girl again!! :P.. in a pool filled wif UNATTRACTIVE GUYS! i repeat UNATTRACTIVE GUYS!!! .... now i noe wat hell must be like... LOL.. jk fellas... ;)

it wasnt as fun as i expected but at least it was alritee.. des's pool is soo nice.. so cold.. so funny too.. the fat guys din even leave me pizza.. i ate so little.. practically starving thanks to the jacks! lol :) hmm then we just hung out till 6.30pm then i left.. sighs so tired.. my pars came bck around 11pm.. by then i was so sleepy so i sleeeeept.. so niceee!!! :) err wat else? currently.. trying to study.. but as u can see.. im online.. writing on my blog.. lol so yea im failing.. heheh.. dunoe y everytime i try to study.. i end up doing smtg esle.. like blogging for instance!! ... sighs.. LaTeRsSsss...