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Thursday, July 07, 2005
examss... sigghhsss 1:52 PM

wah exams man... started monday.. oh sunday nite was so fun :) we all went high again and kept laughing and talking bout stuff.. tat was the same nite we lost against kch high.. :'( .. sighs.. both my legs nearly got cramp.. so tired.. hmm well moral i loveeed moral!! haha im sure i got the first page rite cos if u memorise the nilai-s teacher gave then can remember.. crap so many nilai-s!! luckily quite okay la :D

then err science.. wah science quite hard la.. the subjective.. aduh it would haf been really easy if i memorised more of the subjs in the text book.. sighs.. wat esle? english was alrite.. but literature i check the book so many wrong.. lol.. then.. bm was ok la.. geo was alrite surprisingly.. sej was alrite too i guess.. but the result later surely very terrible horrbile vegetable one.. lol.. kh hope i did well.. diana loong kill me later.. art was terrible.. hahha my art so ugly.. hope cikgu chai dun mind :P .. maths was ok la.. wat esle? tink tats bout it.. :) still got science obj and maths obj and bm again i tink.. oh well.. got game later again.. against some team called clarsi or smtg frmo seng goon.. where the heck is seng goon?

sunday got another game against chung hua no1 i tink.. can u believe it? the whole comp only 4 teams join.. including lodge one.. sighhs.. last sat nite we all go train in swak club.. so fun reject emm.. finally! haha but the nxt day the game.. so terrible horrible vegetable again.. aduh.. sien man.. sighs.. hope we do better.. oh and tomolo is last day of exam.. rainforest nite start.. and the singing competition thing.. haha hmm still havent gotten my clothes ready for tomolo nite.. sighs.. oh and the new bball jerseys are here! :) not bad la.. but sooo big! mine is like XXL! im not tat big!! make me look pregnant or smtg! the arm hole so big till if i jump my whole bra can be seen.. :|... sighs..

hmm i wanna go rainforest!! :) hhaha if i do go i tink i go on saturday nite and gona be staying over at rads place.. :) hopefully :) sighss hope i can go.. but the ticket is so expensive la.. so sien.. money money money.. how to live without money? stupiak money so annoying.. grrrrr.... oh well.. LaTeRsSsss...