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Saturday, August 20, 2005
the past.. the present.. the future.. 5:30 PM

wow so much stuffs been happening all around me. first off.. my bf hams dad passed away.. tat was kinda sad.. ham wasnt really the same for awhile.. hope she'll be alrite now onwards.. hmm wat esle? been goin to training every nite for the past.. err.. been training hard for the past 4weeks.. sighs.. time fly by so fast.. so fast already tomolo is the competition liaw. against miri tomolo. saw them just now after we were done taking pics wif the guys n girls n the coaches for the newspaper i tink. really really hot day.

wah they look alrite i guess. some of them look so scary scary like tat. some quite friendly.. eeks.. havent start im already nervous.. got the jerseys today too.. number 14.. heeh tink im the only sakai one.. heheh been waiting for the jerseys for so long.. feel so happy now! even tho the colour not very nice la.. but oh wells... hehehehe :D :D hmm gona hafta skip church tomolo.. unless i go to the morning service one.. hmm.. yay.. i always wanted to go to the first service.. wanna noe how its like.. hmm :) errmm... miri miri miri miri.. eekks.. theres gona be scouts i tink.. they will be choosing the state players from tis comp.. kinda cool.

everyone in the kch team is either sarawak or kuching.. only me and 2 other girls dun haf the kuching jerseys last time. so cool. cant wait!! hope miri's easy.. dun wan a super team.. aduh.. feel all queasy inside.. tonite hafta sleep early liaw.. hmm.. :D just so haaappy.. AND1 sponsor the jerseys.. the coach got say the only reason AND1 sponsor is cos we got 2nd last year. Sarikei got 1st. tats y the jerseys like so nice nice one. :) he said so in tat case hafta try and get 1st or smtg so can get nice jerseys.. hheeh smtg like tat.. they all speak chinese..

i speak chinglish to them. half chinese half english. hehe i feel so dumb around them. im chinese but cant speak. only alil bit nia.. they're english is ok la some of them. very few can speak english properly. oh wells.. we always laugh wen we're trying to translate a word together and nobody noes how to say to the other person.. kinda funny.. the teams quite friendly and most of them r form 4,5s. form 2s the youngest i tink.. got form 3 also.. the form 4,5s dun need study kah? i always see them at nite training.. guess they must be pretty smart.. oh wells.. fingers r tired.. gona get some rest now. LaTeRsSsss...