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Monday, September 19, 2005
blooody flu.. 8:04 PM

crap man.. exams just nxt month.. barely studied.. renewed my state library card tho :D.. so whoever planning to go to the state library to study.. call me! i'll join u.. no fun goin alone anyways.. sighhs.. anyways.. joels changed.. he recently wen to church and hes really happy now.. im happy for him :) .. its nice to see him smiling again nowadays.. tired of his sadness.. haha crap we fight so many times.. over stupid stuff.. lol.. kinda paiseh tinking bout it now.. lol.. tink the last one was kinda my fault.. thank God he wen to church and forgave everyone.. hahaha ;P

err.. so wats new? hmmm.. my maths currently suck.. im totally blur in class man.. but luckily we're on some easy topic rite now.. so many TESTS!! CRAP! tis week got science test on wed.. geo test on thursday.. CRAAAP!! aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!! help meee!! :( got sejarah test again i tink.. not sure wat day.. SHIT!!! :'(.. i just wana haf fun la.. crap.. wat to do now? suppose to be studying for the stupid tests.. but here i am again.. online blogging.. hahaha.. so hardworking no? ;) aaaaahhh!! got a blooody flu again.. wahliew.. since just now come bck frm skool.. keep on sneezing.. so irritating!! wonder how many trees i've killed so far? aaaaahhhh!! stop sneezing!! haha my voice is all blocked up and i sound funny.. hahah i love talking while having a flu.. i start pronoucing stuff wrongly.. makes me laugh at myself.. hhaha how sad is tat? ;P neways uploading some new pics frm joeys party so if u're all interested.. just check my friendster alrite? cyas.. LaTeRsSsss...

P.S to those who are blessed wif the flu... dun be sad.. should be happpppy!! :D hahaa.. lol ;)