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Sunday, September 18, 2005
happpy moooncake festival!! 5:39 PM

hehehe... friday nite was fun man.. wen to joeys place.. joey make a BBQ party wifout telling his parents.. lol wow.. living on the edge ;P.. haha so crazy.. loads of ppl wen.. hmm.. played ball.. then ate partly raw/overcooked chicken wings.. hahaha tim la.. lousy cook.. go showoff.. make everything black nia.. lol so stupid.. ash's one not bad la.. quite nice :) played ball.. wah play so much.. damn hot again.. later we wen play lattern like the sakai lil kids.. quite fun! :) haha everyone wen high and started screaming 'HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL' to the cars driving by. we wen walking nxt to the road.. lol so stupid man.. so many ppl were staring at us screaming.. hahahah... crap loved it :P

wah.. saturday nite was the Planetshakers concert.. anyone of u guys go? it was FUUUUUUUUUUN! haha the beginning wasnt very nice cos like nvr heard of the song.. lol but later it became better la.. jump and jump and jump and jump and jump and JUMP! haha seriously jump so much till got cramp man.. stomach cramp.. lol got such a thing or not? ;) anyways.. marisa the genius woke heels to the concert.. lol jk :P half way singing and jumping she took them off.. hahah wat a big different standing beside her.. HAHAHA jk!!! ;P laugh like crazy.. so thirsty man.. so hot again.. sweating like mad.. then some lodgian girl bhind me kept pushing me forward to some skinny boney guy.. it was so annoying.. bugger.. anyways.. we wen to 'The Colours' afterwards.. at least we wanted to.. we walked the whole WAY frm Inti to Colours. so far man.. crap.. hahahah then half way we got alil lost.. haha joyce was the leader.. everything so dark i din recognise.. lol ;P

then wen we finally arrive.. guess wat? the whole place is full.. CRAPPP!!!! so annoyed.. so many lodgians inside.. mostly internationals.. haha marisa ppl got thr faster cos they drove.. crap la!! so irritated! ggrrrrrrrrrrr...!! then joel ppl all hungry and stuff so they dun wana wait.. aiyar.. i wanted to wait la.. tim also.. but the rest dun wan.. so in the end we wen to stupid KFC.. dun like KFC.. so oily/fattening... hahahahahahahah shuddup! :P sighs.. after tat just go bck liaw.. so tireeed...................................... btw Planetshakers rockssss!! :) but i still perfer 'One Way' concert.. planetshakers was soooo squeezy.. squeeze to death inside.. aduh.. but it was good la.. fun.. :)

okk... finally sunday.. wen to first service.. wahh.. im starting to like first service very much :) hehe pastor came bck from Medan today.. he showed us some pics thr.. kinda funny and niceee.. i dunoe y i can understand abit wen he speaks chinese but i cant understand the other ppl.. i dunoe.. he speaks clearly mah.. then got so many actions again.. kinda funny.. :P read the book of Ruth tat morning.. wen to swak club afterwards.. play ball wif joey and tim.. haha tried playing tennis wif joey.. haha so HARD! i nvr realised.. hafta run SOOO MUCH!! drive me crazy under the super hot sun.. haah joey also.. lol first hit.. he hit the ball too hard.. till it flew over the fence and into the cemetery thr.. hahahah

make me laugh like shit.. then later.. i also accidentally hit too hard.. flew over the fence again.. lol make us both laughing like idiots.. so hard la.. even wen we hit so lightly.. the ball still fly so high.. luckily we found 2 other tennis balls.. but they were kinda dirty.. :P ash din mind la :) so wen to eat smtg then play ball again wif a bunch of form 4s.. left early cos saw more guys coming to play.. (im the only girl :$).. damn tired la.. sleep like pig after... hehe.. bballs so fun/great... oh and stupid AND1 changed the competition to DECEMBER!! SHIIIT!! EMM is not even gona be here in december.. wat the heck?!!?!? SHIT MAN!!! aaaaaarrggghh.. screw it! ... stupid buggers.. sighs.. LaTeRsSsss...

check the pics in my friendster
lol dun laugh! ;P