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Friday, October 07, 2005
BMI.. haha 7:18 PM

crap.. so tireed.. exams just like nxt week.. aduh aduh.. less than a week again.. first day is eng..eng and sejarah! Aaaaaaarggghh!! sejarah! at least not in the middle or the last again.. last time it was always in the middle.. same day as geo.. make me so headache trying to study both at the same time.. heheh :P

always hafta study form1-2 notes!! for science is the same thing! thank GOD geo is not! thank u God!! thank u God!! thank u God!! hehehe.. wat esle? im not sure if KH is form1-2.. if it is.. CRAAAAAP!! diana leong is such a witch.. i dun care she says anymore.. she always screams at me.. doesnt she noe wen she yells at me.. i just forget EVERYTHING! my mind just totally goes blank.. and im just like lost.. wif her rite bhind me breathing down my neck.. someone can honestly just panic and freak out.. so many times.. i wonder wat the consequences would be.. if i actually yelled bck.. maybe scream on top of my lungs.. maybe shout 'SHUT UP!' or 'I CANT DO ANYTHING IF U WONT SHUT UP! SO GET OFF MY BACK!'... so many times.. so many times...

guess the human in me is the only thing stopping me... honestly.. someone can really mad working wif tat woman.. one time she came to skool wif one of her eyes red.. it was sooo creepy and gross.. she said the stress of the form3s caused one of her blood vessels in her eyes to burst.. EWWWWWW! i kept imagining how gross it would be if like a swarm of mosquitoes suddenly flew rite into her eye.. to suck the blood.. OH GOD GROSS!!!! crap just gave myself goosebumps tinking bout tat.. YUCK! YUCK! oh crap.. freaking myself out..

ANYWAYS.. moving on.. the form3s PMR are already here.. i heard everyone saying the BM paper was easy.. hmm and i saw afew questions in the maths paper.. not very difficult some of them.. im starting to freak out bout PMR.. honestly.. like joel said 'if one year is easy.. the nxt year is gona be hard'... crap.. its OUR year nxt year! ... oh man.. oh man.. oh man!!!

if i dun get 7As.. its like.. oh man.. not tat my parents would kill me.. (they have laws on those kind of murders) but its just the disappointment they will haf wif me TAT would kill me.. family relatives.. its like.. news spread so fast.. nxt thing u noe.. ure either the pride of the family.. or the black sheep in the family.. haha.. i noe im making it sound alil too dramatic.. but im just realy really scared and nervous..

not to mention my enrichment paper came bck and i totally failed.. i just dun get a thing bout Emily Jong.. the way she teaches is just straight frm the book.. makes me regret quitting cikgu wongs tuition. normally i had no problems.. but now im totally blur.. surprised she still teaches at Lodge.. i was so closed to the passing mark.. and its gona be in the report card! how great is tat!?!?!? :'( my first E.. my first RED SPOT.. how am i gona face my parents? how am i gona face my mum? ... lifes hard.. sometimes.. LaTeRsSsss...