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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
matang.. stupid matang.. 7:04 PM

aiyar.. actually wrote a whole blog alraedy.. but then my dad disconnected the line so the whole thing just disappeared.. crap man.. i wrote so long agian.. grrr.. start all over again.. sighs ok anyways we wen to matang like on monday i tink.. yea monday.. seemed like so long ago..

anyways it sucked.. we wen to the same place for like 2-3 times already.. looking at the same things.. over and over again. pity the poor animals being locked up in a limited space area which they hafta call home. i saw these 2 orang utans tat really made me sad.. one was just a lil guy.. quite young and very naughty.. lol :P his name i mean.. her name is Doris.. lol heard the jaga calling her tat. the other orang utan was a bigger male. like really really big! his face is huge! his body.. his arms.. his legs.. his size.. WOAH! :P

seriously.. soooo big.. but it looked so adorable.. haha no idea his name is tho.. i read this info thingy stuck on the wall giving some info bout orang utans. they can live up to 30yrs.. depending on the care provided by the keepers.. if it was very looked after they could go to 40yrs.. my teacher asked the keeper how old it was.. he said 27yrs.. WOW! 27yrs the poor guys been stuck in tat stupid dirty secluded area called 'home'. made me really sad to imagine his life.. poor guy.. hope its happy in some way..

made me realy appreciate being human! :P err so we saw acouple of animals.. some of the places we wen din even HAVE animals.. bet the ppl thr just try n trick us.. saying they're hiding or smtg.. SUCKS MAN! :( we had much more fun on the bus and while resting.. it was SUCH A HOT DAY! everyone.. i mean EVERYONE was sweating like crazy.. eww.. gross :P lol took like a ton of pics.. still waiting for certain friends to come online so can recieve the pics@! ahha on the bus ride back.. we took really 'embarrassing' pics.. haha

theres a pic of me sitting on radhie's leg and lying on ham at the same time.. hahhaha.. then tim came out of no way.. putting out his tongue as if.. u noe.. hahaha so STUPID! made me laugh like craaazy!! then like 4-6 cameras kept flashing.. snapping away.. hahahah damn funny.. theres a pic of me trying my best to look horny.. the result.. was hilarious.. lol :P love my friends.. life would really suck without stupid ppl like tis... LOL! :P took a couple more in skool.. yea i noe.. we're so vain.. hahahah :P just sucks my camera wen out on batt so fast.. sighhs

go my friendster to find the pics.. hehe well LaTeRsSsss...