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Thursday, October 27, 2005
updates.. 5:04 PM

hmm wow been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time since i blogged.. hmm.. well for starters... my exams tis term r seriously goin down the drain.. they just suck! i tink the best papers i got bck were frm english. i got like 97% for my literature which rocked! my composition was good too.. err.. cant remember wat i wrote.. only knew i had a frigging short time to finish the last essay.. but i got an A for tat.. hmm my comprehension.. miss su said i got top ten.. yea tats mega cool.. hmm oh and i got a B for my sejarah! not exactly wat i wanted but at least it wasnt a C.. guess the late nites craming at the last min worked.. sighs.. even my art wasnt good.. i got like 89%.. and we all noe cikgu chai only gives 90+%.. so i must haf misbehaved or smtg.. which really sucks cos normally my art pulls my average up.. so frig it! hmm now for the sadistic story..

failed maths enrichment which is new for me.. my maths used to be stable.. a stable A- but now its like.. a frigging E.. shit! i just needed like one more mark to pass.. yet my lovely teacher wouldnt give it to me.. sighss.. guess the person i should be blaming is myself eh? sheesh.. hmm so wat esle did i get a D for? hmm.. really tis is the WORST term ever in the history of.. skooling... frig it! maths in primary u nvr had to study for them.. jsut the typical plus minus divide times crap.. but now.. there're like formulas n crap.. arrghh.. oh yea.. my penulisan came bck.. got a good D.. it was suppose to be 45% but the arse minused 5% cos it wasnt tidy.. screw tidyness! i had so little time! im lucky i even finished! frig it! anyways enough bout stupid exams.. sighs moving on..

hmm for the past week my house has been occupied by many visitors.. saturday nite miffys mum n aunt came to visit. hmm i was super nervous.. wat if the mum was like a witch or smtg? some old nagging busybody who was rude n etc. hahaha but wen i saw her.. wow.. i had to ask miffy again which one her mum was.. she looked soo prettty! she was white n young.. wahh.. n she looked alot like water.. cool.. heeh btw her aunt is a cop.. how cool :P hmm then for the past few nites i din sleep very well as miffy wouldnt go to sleep.. arrgh.. we talked n talked n played cards.. she can actually do some card tricks which was kinda cool.. then they left like on wed morn.. overall her mum n aunt are pretty cool themselves.. they really nicee.. and it was funny trying to communicate wif her mum seeing tat i dun speak cantonese n she doesnt speak english.. we had to result to sign language which was hilarious.. her aunt spoke english but we still had trouble communicating so ya noe.. :)

then after tat.. cousins frm sydney came.. wow.. they left like just now.. so yea.. im just lazy to type the details n stuff.. err oh i got BRACES! they din really hurt tat much the firs tday but the nxt day they started to really hurt.. i cant even eat solid anything.. grrr.. the only thing i can eat without suffering any pain is porridge.. which isnt very baad cos i like porridge.. but my mums fds daughter said she had to wait 2weeks before the pain eventually wen away.. tat means im gona hafta survive on PORRIDGE for about 2weeks! God pls let porridge be delicious each time i eat it..

wen to keiths party on friday nite.. it was FUN! :) haha tho my parents forbade me i still wen.. yea.. living on the edge ;) ahah watever.. anyways it was cool.. we swam frm 5pm till 10pm.. haha we ate soooo much! frigging full.. loads of ppl wen.. so funn.. played bball in the water.. and somehow we got so frigging high.. at least i did.. joey n tim were constantly shouting 'PUNK ROCK SKIN BABY!'.. i din get it but it was soo funny at the time i couldnt stop laughing.. i still dun get it but its funny.. n everytime we say it now i start laughing :P hehe love my fds.. ohh then later we wen up to keiths condo n drank englishmen tea.. ahah ash was being so irritating bout table manners.. hehe but the tea was REALLY good.. haha then wen bck round 10pm.. my aunt told my mum bout it n so i got bombed wen they came bck frm KL.. crap.. sighss.. still love my fds tho.. PUNK ROCK SKIN BABY! haha LaTeRsSsss...

P.S if u dun believe me check out the pic.. just the look on joeys face shows how crazy we were tat nite.. sighs.. PUNK ROCK SKIN!