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Saturday, November 12, 2005
holydays..holydays..holydays.. PART 2 2:07 AM

wooohooooooooo.. 'Just Like Heaven' is such a nice moviee!! i laughed so hard.. lol tink it mite be bcos i havent gone out wif my fds for so long.. lol.. either way it was so funny.. lol laughed like craaaazy. lol phoebs bro wen too, gordon.. lol funny guy.. he laughed so damn hard too..lol.. wen to joeys house.. keith picked us up.. lol he supposedly dyed his hair green but couldnt tell at all cos it was dark n stuff.. wen pick other ppl.. n off to the movies :)

hmmm.. wen to blings after.. hmm wanted a mango smoothie but no more mango.. crap! the strawberry not very nice leh.. perfer the mango! :) hmm left kinda early.. lol around 11.30pm.. lol first time i wen out sooooo late.. latest i ever wen out.. WILD CHILD lol.. hmmm.. it was kinda fun.. liked it alot.. :)

should definately do it again sometime.. hehe oh n Harry Potter's coming out nxt week! so hafta watch it!! :) hehe Goblet of Fire.. oooo.. saw the trailer.. soooooooo niceee.. danradcliffe is so cute! so is rupert grint! :) errr.. tat cedric guy not bad.. should smile more tho in the posters. the err..wats his name again? oh yea Viktor Krum wasnt tat bad.. kinda fit the description.. hehe wow its 2am already.. was up talking to a buddy since like 12am lol sooo long.. my ear hurts.. my credit dropped like mad.. RM31.. lol n it was suppose to last me till like nxt year!! aaaaah... gotta get a job.. heard frm phoebs tat u can work at 'Westwood' for like RM13 a nite.. hmmm not bad eh? but hafta work frm 6pm-11pm or smtg.. hmm kinda lazy but interested :) who noes? ehheeh saw loads of students working.. so kuai.. hehe whereas im everyday at home playing online games.. lol tanks God for the blessings :P LaTeRsSsss...